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Zari Hassan’s Lookalike Father No One Has Ever Heard Of

Being a celebrity is one of the hardest ‘jobs’ on this planet.

Not only will you have to deal with a lot of negativity from critics and all manner of stuff, but also the headache of keeping your family members of the public eye.

This, countless celebrities have managed to pull successful and Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan does not fall in the list.

Unlike most East African celebrities who would rather die that expose faces of their loved ones online, Zari has always been introducing her people to her legion of fans online.

While the mother of five has introduced nearly everyone in her family, she has never ever shared anything about her dad.

Well, this is not because she doesn’t have one but for reasons best known to herself. however managed to get a rare photo showing Zari Hassan chilling out with her father Mzee Hassan.

The photo was first shared by a Tanzanian gossip site and re-shared by countless people who thought it was wise to do so. understands Zari and her siblings only have their dad following the demise of their mother about two years ago.



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