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Zari Hassan’s Raunchy Bedroom Video Resurfaces Back To The Internet


Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover Zari Hassan must have rattled the tail of a snake and now she is paying dearly.

After rehashing an age old feud with Tanzanian activist Mange Kimambi, the beauty’s long lost dirty bedroom video found its way back to the internet.

Scrolling through the internet, noticed the mother of five’s skeletons are no longer in the past like she thought.

She was once captured on camera pleasuring herself as someone recorded the whole ordeal in the background.

Now, the notorious video is back for everyone to see and boy will it make you uncomfortable.

This is how it all started. Mange suggested Zari’s flat tummy was not natural but infact a result of a tummy tuck.An irate Zari clapped back saying she has always been blessed with a flat belly and an hourglass figure.

The mother of five went ahead to liken the Tanzanian activist to a monkey who had nothing better to do.It did not stop there. Zari even made fun of Mange’s kids as she kept retorting she and her five children are not going to vacate the South Africa house Diamond purchased for her.

Watch Video Here: Zari Hassan’s S3x Video Tape; Satisfying Herself Using A Dildo

Well, as we all know social media ran into the archives and pulled out a sleeping dog that had been left to lie.Now Zari will have to cover her face yet again as she has to relive the embarrassing video of her young self in the bedroom.


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