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Zari Finds New Love Moves On With Life


Controversial singer Diamond Platinumz’s ex wife Zari Hassan has finally found new love. The South Africa’s based business woman with 5 kids has publicly announced that.

Zari Hassan who is now 38 years, is happy to be in love again months after breaking up with Bongo star Abdul Naseeb Juma alias Diamond Platinumz due to infidelity claims, together they had 2 children.

Though Zari has not yet unveiled the real names and face of her love flame, she acknowledges him as Mr M.

Could this be revenge after Diamond Platinumz got another brown skin Tanasha from Kenya?

Well, this are the sweet words Zari wrote to Mr. M;

I’ve been there before and it still doesn’t make any sense to me.
Yea I am weak, I need to accept, Wana know why? I give my all. I build my men, I’m not the type that takes, I’m the type that looks at what we have and consider how we can double or triple the blessings. With you I’ve learnt so much, I appreciate life itself because of your humbleness. I always imagined my forever but didnt have an idea what my forever looked like. 5 kids, other guys etc but you still found me the sexiest woman alive. Wooooo ain’t I so blessed?.

Zari continued to express her love to Mr. M and showered him with praises,

I love you so much Mr M, it’s not the material things you shower me with, I’ve seen those and even bigger and better. But, its you, your heart, your whole being and how you make me and my kids feel. It takes alot of courage from YOU Mr M.. 5kids, 38, wow….. you Heaven sent babe, That said, I end here! I l you M?

Diamond has not commented on the matter yet since a while back said those are private matters and he can’t comment on them.


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