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Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Fainted Due To Punani Smell

A Soweto woman is facing a charge of attempted murder after her boyfriend passed out after she took off her pants during a love making session. The odor from her cookie jar knocked the boyfriend out cold as soon as it hit his nostrils. It is believed that the girl had been hooked to the boy for almost a year but they hadn’t tried chewing the fruit at the middle of the jungle.

According to a gynecologist, the smelly punani was as a result of sexually transmitted diseases or the young lady had used perfumed soaps that didn’t go well with her and caused hormonal imbalance.

“In such cases the lady should maintain quality hygiene by washing her private parts twice or thrice per day,” said Dr. Tho Pung a specialist in women general hygiene.

Apart from the causes named above, women in pregnancy may experience such short term odor. In general, any woman who experiences such unusual odor than the normal vaginal odor should see a gynecologist immediately.


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