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Wife Who Went Nine Years Without Sex Starts Having Affairs, Thinks Husband Is Gay


A woman trapped in a sexless marriage claims she embarked on a series of affairs because she suspects her husband might be gay.

The mum-of-one claims her husband is “totally wonderful” but the pair have not had sex for nine years.

Jen, 47, has now turned to online dating after her only child left home for university.

She claimed her jet-setting partner is far more interested in other men than his own wife but is too embarrassed to admit his sexuality.

And Jen said she had “seen the evidence” of his homosexuality, but didn’t want to confront him with it.

Instead, she is planning a series of affairs with people online while her husband is away.

Writing on a dating website for married people, she said: “I have a good bit of freedom and flexibility as I have an only child in university and a husband who travels internationally and honestly, is probably gay but can’t bring himself to come out.

“I’ve seen the evidence but will never make him feel bad even though it’s been no sex in over nine years.”

She went on: “My husband is a totally wonderful person in every way, so what can I say?

“I kind of have the best of both worlds, but just not the romantic sexual connection.

“We are best friends, dynamic partners of 20 years and committed parents. I want all of my needs to be met.”

The website she joined, Illicit Encounters, claims to have seen a huge rise in extra-marital affairs once children finally leave home as parents try to fill the void in their lives.

Recent figures show a 36 percent increase in Hull people signing up, although the site claims to have seen the biggest rise in leafy Oxford, followed by Gloucester and London.


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