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Places To Create Free Responsive Logos For Your Website

Having a unique logo for your website makes it to stand out from other brands. A clear logo will build trust from your readers and advertisers who would like to advertise their products on your site.

But on the other it is sometimes too expensive to have a decent responsive logo for a site especially if you are a beginner. It is hard to find a perfect logo, I created my first logo on some freelance online website and I paid $5 but it wasn’t something interesting.

I therefore decided to create my own logos according to the preferences I liked, this way I kept trying till the day I created the logo that is on my site now.

If you wanted a more complicated logo, you can hire someone professional to design a creative and more professional one for you. The good thing about a professional logo is that it comes in a .svg file form. An svg file is a vector image which can be zoomed to fit into a business card and can also be enlarged and placed to a billboard without losing or affecting the quality of the image.

These are some of the few places where you can create a free logo for your lovely site. Kindly note that the logo won’t be a vector or an svg file. It will either be a jpg or a png image. Make sure when saving your logo, save it with a transparent background.

  1. Free Logo Design

Free Logo design is a completely free tool to generate a logo. Free Logo Design offers three packages:

  • Free package which is completely free and this package is ideal for beginners who want to have a low cost logo. You design your own logo and download it, it is sent to you via email.
  • Professional package costs $39 and includes all the necessary files.
  • The other third package costs $129; you get a logo, a website plus a custom domain.

Create your free logo

  1. Spark Adobe

Spark Adobe gives you the authority to design your website though with limited fonts, if you want to add more of your own fonts you must upgrade to the next available package.

Create your free logo

  1. Logo +

Logo + is an app that allows you to create your logo with no strings attached, you get exactly what you created. The app offers more than 50 fonts, 10+ background images and more than 80 colors for your logo.

You can upload your images for design and you are given two downloading options, whether to download with a transparent background or not.

Create your logo by downloading the app from App Store first.

  1. LunaPic

This is not necessarily a logo making tool but it’s a great tool for photo editing. You can crop, remove background image, animate, paint and literally edit any logo to your satisfaction.

Edit your logo

Stay tuned as we will be adding more Free Logo making tools to this post.

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