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Free Responsive WordPress Themes You Need To Install For Your Site.

Website designing determines the appearance of your blog. Most websites on the internet are crafted from scratch to publication and don’t require any theme installation. But for those who are registered members of WordPress, we have compiled Free Responsive WordPress Themes You Need To Install For Your Site.if you can’t afford a premium theme.

The only difference between free and premium themes is that with a free theme you can not access and enjoy PRO features that premium members have. Other companies may limit you on the use of the theme on more than one site. You may also get less customer care attention and much more.

Apart from that, having a premium theme is much more advantageous because you have the power for not crediting back the theme company. But for the free ones, you really don’t have this power. For example at the footer of your theme you will find, ” theme by mythemeshop. ” Credit still goes back to the company.

If you are using blogger these themes won’t be helpful because blogger does not support the installation of WordPress theme.

Instead blogger have their own in built themes that can be helpful. All WordPress themes and plugins come in a zipped state. Is only the WordPress software that can unzip and install them.

We have listed the best free responsive themes that can really assist you in your blog.You can also read on these post on Premium Responsive Themes You Should Try Using On Your Site to help you choose the best premium themes you can purchase for your site.

1.  DuperMag by Acme themes.

If you are looking for a spacious theme to dislay your content and advertisements then this is the ideal theme for all these needs. DuperMag and it’s sister theme SuperMag have the same characteristics. You can also try SuperMag.

This theme gives you four slots in its home page to either display square banner ads or your own posts. You can as well choose from three different option to where you can place your logo.

You can place your logo on the left hand side to give you an additional space to place a leaderboard banner of 728 by 90 in size or a 468 by 60 banner in the right hand side. You can also place your logo in the right hand side and have the same size leaderboard banners placed on the left hand side.

DuperMag comes with a slider on the home that allows you to display posts from different categories from your website.

This theme does not come with an off canvas menu but it has a home button where on a click it lands you to the home page instantly. There are options of creating your own menu and placing them in different locations. You can use categories, sub-categories, tags and even your custom links to create these menus. If you wish to have an advanced kind of a menu, kindly purchase a premium or get free Mega Menu from WordPress to give you the best experience.

The DuperMag too has alot of space in it’s sidebars. Where you can place rectangle and square banners for maximum revenue. This theme comes with recent posts, popular posts and recents post slots. Before forgetting, DuperMag clearly comes with clear Archive and category spaces in the sidebar.

2.  Schema by Mythemeshop.

Despite Schema being hundred percent free, Mythemeshop has committed there efforts to see beginner bloggers who can’t afford a premium theme still to earn from AdSense from this theme.

The theme if fully mobile friendly and responsive. Plus it is optimized for speed and SEO ready.

Schema is fully integrated by social share buttons to easily help your readers to share your interesting posts to their closer friends. By sharing your content, this increases readers to your site, and once your traffic is higher, revenue rises.

3.  SuperNews by Acme themes.


This is an all round theme purpose theme. You can use it for a blog; a personal blog, you can as well use SuperNews to publish most trending and news articles for your readers.

There is also call on action button where readers can easily subscribe to your news articles to get your fresh aricles daily in their mail box.

Did I mention that the theme also comes with social media buttons? Well you should know that SuperNews comes with social media buttons at the top right of the theme.

You can easily integrate your Facebook page or a personal profile, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. This allows your visitors to easily interact with you through social media handles. A good publisher-visitors interaction may lead high visitor confidence and increase traffic to your site.

Acme themes also ads you another feature of a search box where a visitor can type a keyword in the box and the site display the suggested posts instantly. Isn’t this wonderful all for a free theme? You can download your free SuperNews theme from the blue link.

This theme does not come with an off canvas menu but you can create your own using custom links and categories.

SuperNews has three sidebar option, where you can use either the left side bar or the right bar, use both right and left or choose to use no specified side bar.

You can enable or disable ‘ Breaking News ‘ tickler from your personal dashboard too. The Breaking News tickler attracts the attention of readers hence can quickly and easily click and read your stories.

4.  ionMag theme by wpion.

ionMag is a brilliant and beautifully crafted theme for every purpose use by any publisher. It can be used for magazines, portfolios, blogs and even news publication.

The theme is clean and mobile responsive. ionMag comes with a distinguished author box. The author box allows you to describe yourself to readers and let them know you better.

Twitter and Pinterest widgets are already installed to help you display your twitter and pinterest latest posts to your readers, without leaving your site. All this come in under one theme. Instagram widget is also on point and intact to enable you show your readers your recent posted images from the point go.

This precious theme gives you an eye catching slider that can help you display different forms of posts, from images, written news articles and personal advertisements.

ionMag is mobile friendly with friendly mobile menu and also fully mobile responsive.

5.  Twenty Fourteen by WordPress.

Twenty Fourteen is a theme designed 2014 by WordPress developers. This is a one stop shop theme that was built into perfection by WordPress.

You can use this theme to either display your contents in a slide form or in a simple regular form. This theme is ideal for magazines and, can also work with other types of work, you can convert it to a blog.

This theme gives you the space to collectively display YouTube videos and a gallery of images. You can as well publish audios to your site using this theme.

Twenty Fourteen comes with a flyout menu that can be retrieved when needed and when not in use it can create space for easy navigation.

6.  PageSpeed by WordPress.

7.  Nepali by WordPress.

8.  Socially viral by Mythemeshop.

9.  Point by Mythemeshop.

10. SuperMag.

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