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WATCH NOW: Here Is The Trending Imenti House Leaked S3x Tape

Kenyan youths will never cease amazing for God’s sake. On several occasions police officers have arrested students indulging adult activities.
Many whom were found in groups hidden in rental houses just to engage in such activities.

For remembrance purposes early this year; do you remember the slogan IFIKIE WAZAZI? Students were taking intimate photos and uploading them on social media and captioning them ifikie wazazi.

But today it was something more embarrassing and at the same time more something like a lesson.

A couple’s intimate video has leaked online, in the video we can see the couple engaging in a s3xual activity but can not verify who uploaded the video on the INTERNET.

It is believed the s3x video was shot in Imenti house at a clothing store, where the woman is believed to be the owner of the stall.

There is also another version of the story that says the video was shot in River Road.

Due to our policies, we could not upload the video here on our site but you can 

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