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Vihiga Governor Wants Number Of Counties Reduced


Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo has supported calls to reduce the number of counties from current 47 to 14. Dr Ottichilo said some counties, Vihiga included, are not viable, the reason they are joining regional economic blocs to create bigger and viable units.

“Devolution was about development but the wage bill in most counties is too high, leaving only 30 per cent for development,” the governor said.

“Lets us go for the Bomas draft that proposed the country be divided into 14 regions,” he concluded.

This comes weeks after Vihiga MCAs tried to impeach the governor over poor governance; Assembly Majority Whip Victor Ijaika and MCAs Eric Odei (Gisambai), Vincent Atsiaya (Wodanga) and Calistus Ayodi (Muhudu), who spoke on Sunday, also claimed Governor Wilber Ottichilo was undermining their leadership.

It is believed that the governor also sacked hundreds of workers but failed to initiate projects that could offer them employment.

According to, a document leaked from his office that had sought the liquidation of the fund that is said to have been gathered from donations.

The residents suspected that the governor had been holding the money in cash at his office when it was meant to meet burial expenses and medical bills.


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