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Video Of Eric Omondi’s Brother Whose Life Has Been Destroyed By Hard Drugs


Comedian Eric omondi is a sad after his brother disappeared due to drug addiction to avoid rehabilitation. They say in every homestead of 9 good children, there is likely one bound to be spoilt even in a pastor’s house.

Joseph Omondi has struggled with drug addiction since highschool, he has been in rehabs but non is taking into effect.

This brother to the funniest man in Kenya neglected and ran away from family due to this habit and avoidance to set a foot in any rehabilitation center.

It was lucky for Joseph that his younger brother Eric Omondi looked for him and perhaps he will be taking him to rehab since Eric Omondi’s friend and fellow comedian was recently appointed as the director of NACADA.

This is what Eric Omondi had to say about his brother and advice to students in highschool and colleges who are abusing drugs;

If you are a young person and you follow this account.. This is for you!!! This is my blood brother Joseph Omondi(Same father same mother)… He is the First born, I am the second born… Our third born is Irene Omondi and the last born is Fred Omondi. Joseph has struggled with drug addiction since high school… He has been in and out of rehabilitation. We have tried our best as a family.
Because of his addiction he has a tendency to run away from us to avoid Rehabilitation. I tracked him yesterday through a taxi guy who spotted him in Nairobi downtown along Nyandarua Road. @chipukeezy and Nacada have promised to help him. If you are reading this na uko High school ama colle na ushaanza kuonja hizo vitu jua tu kuna time hautaweza kulala bila hizo vitu.

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