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Vera Sidika Launches A New Song Days After Break Up With Singer Otile Brown

Queenbosset releases a new song Nalia after a bitter split a few days back. Vera who has been a socialite and a business woman for long has baffled many after joining the music industry.

It is not clearly known the motive that pushed Vera to singing despite having successful businesses.

In an interview with a certain radio station, Vera admitted that the pain she had after the break up might also contributed to the composing of the song.

Well, Vera Sidika parted ways with Otile and this is not the first time but the second time. Vera admitted that this time Otile walked out of the relationship after asking for kes 500,000 as a top up to buy a silk Mercedes Benz car but Vera declined, and that’s where woes started.

Anyway to show Vera that he could buy the car without her support, he went ahead a bought the car at a whooping kes 1.3 million.

Vera Sidika then came out and publicly shamed the lad for buying a cheaper car worth her wrist. She claims that she owns an ado wrist watch, the cheapest watch of that kind costs kes 3M. Meaning she can buy two of Otile’s new car and still have some coins remaining as change.

The socialite also claims that Otile was only after having a baby from her. And the dude was not serious at all since no one can terminate a relationship because of money, is either he was only after it. She claims that in all her relationships this one with Otile showed some seriousness that is why she loved him that much and always accepted him back.

In the video of the new song, they is a man seen dancing and when Vera Sidika was asked whether he was now the lucky guy, she refuted the claims and said the man was just for the video. Vera is not dating now but wants to get a baby in one year time.



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