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“Uhuru Kenyatta And Moses Kuria Are Msando’s Killers,’ Miguna Miguna Spills The Beans


When it comes to political truths Dr Miguna Miguna never hesitates hitting a nail on a head for the truth.

Miguna Miguna is accusing ODM party members traitors as they are knowingly dining with Sharon Otieno’s murderers. Sharon Otieno was a student at Rongo University who had an affair till her death with a certain governor in Western region.

The university student was murdered by unknown but known people, with rumours spreading she was murdered because she was about to reveal the secret affair and the pregnancy she was carrying for governor Okoth Obado. vosena.co.ke cannot independently verify this as there is an investigation going on on the case.

A clerk in Obado’s administration, Caspal Obiero, is being held after being found to have been with the car used in the abduction of Sharon alongside nation Journalist Barack Oduor.

Obiero’s wife, Olivia Oloo who is also an employee in Obado’s administration owns the car which was used to facilitate the abduction of Sharon.

The main suspect in this case is Michael Juma Oyamo a personal assistant to the governor who was to meet Sharon And Barack but kept changing venues the fateful day Sharon was murdered.

According to Miguna Miguna, Sharon murderers are some ODM party members and are dining together. He also went ahead to give examples of Uhuru Kenyatta and Moses Kuria as killers who killed IEBC’s ICT boss Chris Msando and are still dining together with ODM counterparts.

Read Miguna Miguna’s tweet;

Furious Moses Kuria did not keep mum on the issue and accussed Miguna Miguna being a rapist with more than two rape cases in Ontario.

Moses Kuria’s tweet;

And the harsh conversation between the two continued;


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