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Types Of Ads You Are Going To Encounter And Be Familiar With.

Every blogger writing online contents wants to monetize their sites at least to get something from their passion, but the question is, how do you monetize it? What entails monetizing a website?

In this post am going to take you on different types of advertisements that companies use to monetize your site. This may not only teach a publisher but also advertisers can use this post to get the knowledge on the different ads they can use to get their audience or buyers e.g. email marketing.

  • Pop-Up ads

These ads appear in its new window or appear on top of the browser window of a webpage that a user has visited, this ad is more obtrusive as it covers other windows particularly the window that the user is trying to read. I really don’t recommend this type of ads to your site as it does not a good user experience to your site visitors, it distracts visitors from reading your content as they pop up every time. I prefer using pop-under ads that this ones.

These are the companies providing pop-up ads;

  • Popads
  • Bidvertiser


  • Banner ads

Online banner ads are based ads that are served in your website. It contains a short text or graphics to promote a product or service.  Banner ad is an object on the webpage that provides a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. They allow the users to open the advertiser’s website and as they click them it provides the information on the company or details the advertiser was wishing to pass to people, at the same time after clicking the banner it can persuade a buyer to buy a specific product.

This might be the one factor that makes an online business effective as it can also help in increasing the traffic on websites or blogs.

Many advertising companies use different banners for a specific task like for example Jumia Affiliate Program uses banners  to increase their sales, it works by a publisher signing in to their affiliate webpage, find the products  you want to promote, copy the link the paste to your website then kabooom your banner is live.

The only problem with this form of advertisement, the publisher is only paid after a visitor makes a successful purchase after clicking your banner, but this may be a good source of income to budding bloggers before you are approved by Google AdSense.

Also Google uses CPC/PPC banners to serve ads, this is the best way to earn in your site, the only one problem with Google AdSense is getting approved. After approval everything is well.

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These are the different types of banners:

  1. Static banners

These are the simplest types of banners as they contain simple graphic and texts. Many websites and blogs prefer these due to it’s simplicity they include;

  1. Header/Leaderboard banners (728×90)
  2. Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  1. Large Rectangle (336×280)
  2. Skyscraper (120×600)
  3. Full Banner (468×60)

Companies serving best banner ads are:

  • Google AdSense
  • net
  • Propeller Ads


  1. Flash banners

These types of banners are animated and use flash technology. They employ animation as some of its texts may be bouncing or making moves to attract more visitors, this makes them more realistic and more interactive and may include the use of sounds and special effects, it’s just like watching a short movie.

  1. Animated GIF banners

It’s created in a GIF file format, this type of banner is one of the most powerful graphic design unit. This banner can also be as interactive as a flash banner and is mobile and also smart device friendly. You can use Photoscape, Gifted Motion, SSuite Gif Animator or Picasion to make your perfect GIF.

  1. Slider

Is a type of a banner that is located in different places on the webpage and stays fixed while the visitor scrolls up or down.

  • Light box

It was introduced by Google and is a standard ad unit that expands into a super-sized canvas takeover ad after a user taps, click or hovers their mouse cursor over the ad.

  • Native direct ads

A direct link is probably the most flexible traffic monetization solution where a publisher can use this ad format to generate profit by sending his traffic to advertisers’ offer in any way and by any means.

  • Pop Under

This type of advertising is similar to pop-up ads except the ad window that contains your landing page will appear hidden behind the main web browser window rather than appearing in front.

  • Interstitial

This type of ad opens in one’s own browser window when the user clicks a link to a new webpage or “captures” the user when he is trying to leave your site. The ad appears for a few moment before the intended web page gets loaded.

  • E-mail

Email advertising offers advantages such as massive reach, real time branding, media branding, lead generation and direct sales

  • Search ads

Search advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on web pages that show results from search engine queries.

  • YouTube ads

These are ads served by YouTube that play before or during another video. Viewers see five seconds of your video and then have the choice to keep watching or skip it. Video content providers get paid per every a thousand impression they make, impressions does not mean views, it means how many times the ad appeared in the views, you can have ten thousand views but the ads appeared six thousand times meaning you had six thousand impressions.  A successful impression is made when a viewer does not skip the ad.

  • Admob (mobile app ads)

Admob is Google’s advertising platform for promoting and monetizing mobile applications, it allows developers to monetize their applications through in-app ads.

Creating an app is not that much hard, there are websites which can help you create your own app without coding or any programming knowledge; Appsgeyser is a perfect website for you to create an app for your website.


  • Shadow Box

Is an opaque box that appears in the middle of the screen, displaying your ad.

  • Notifier

A message that pops up on top of your mobile page.

  • Dialog

A message that pop ups on the mobile screen and gives the user or the visitor two options in order to proceed: press ok or cancel.




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