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Top On-demand Job Careers Of All The Time


Before and after joining first grade, we all know what we want to be in future. Most of these are called dreams, and everyone have their own unique dreams. A lot more people will know what they like to do in the future and will go for it and get it. But to many choosing a career course becomes a difficulty and end up studying a career they never wanted.

Choosing a career course is not as easy as ABC, in some cases you need an expert to take you through various courses to help you determine the best you want.

Before you start searching for the best career you want, we would like you to check this list out as it has the best market when it comes to employment. Most employers don’t just hire anybody anyhow; they always look for professionals who can meet their demands.

Below is a list you have to look at for most demanded professionals around the world:


Well this might not be the first in the list but I thought for sure it should be. This web developers, application developers, system administrators, computer repairers, software developers, internet security experts and computer engineers as a whole.

We all need this people, companies want an IT expert who can do all this work. Develop quality and responsive websites for their customers. Apart from being employed, this is a very unique career and I would recommend a lot of student to consider this; you can as well employ yourself in your own company and offer these services as developing soft wares and mobile applications for businesses and other clients.

Everything in the world now resolves around information technology. System administrators get a very good salary ranging from $10,000 upwards because these are the people who deal with companies’ information and maintaining the proper working of servers.

Web and software developers too earn a considerable amount of money because they are responsible for creating of softwares that will solve the business’ solution at hand.


Doctors include; surgeons, physicians, opticians, gynecologists, laboratory technicians and dentists. All these are specialists dealing with human health and as a matter of fact, this career is considered the most valuable career ever.

Who doesn’t get sick? Who doesn’t want to visit and see a doctor? I guess everyone does.  People in this field earn higher salaries from $10,100 to $100,000 per month especially surgeons.

This field is marketable because private and public hospitals need doctors to cater for the large mass of population that is growing huge every time.

Though this career takes a lot of time probably 5-8 years of study, it’s the best career I would recommend a reader here to study.


Without teachers, no doctors, no IT experts, no engineers and no any other profession down there you think of can exist. Most people avoid this career field because running up and down with kindergarten children is tiresome but without these teachers no other profession can be possible to attain.

Being a teacher is like being a second parent to a child. This career needs patience and perseverance.

You can earn from $5,000 upwards per month depending with your work experience and the school you are teaching.

There are other chances you can open your own kindergarten or a day care for little and small children to help you earn more. For example you get 20 kids and each parent pays $100 per day per child, this means you will have $2,000 per day and approximately $60,000 month. Let’s say $10,000 goes for expenses, you still have a profit.

This is a great profession.

Happy just graduated female school teachers in black and red stripped gowns throwing up their graduation hats.


Many students don’t go for this profession but I always see it being a good course. Representing someone in a court of law for a huge sum of money is a good deal.

Large companies can higher as a full attorney to represent them in any case an individual decides to sue the company. You will still earn your salary even if such cases do not occur.

You can also charge a client coming for financial and asset consultation. Those also who come for you to make agreements terms with their clients and much more.

When you study this course it gives you the chances of becoming a good politician in the future. Most politicians are lawyers by profession.

What of becoming a renowned high court judge?

Having this experience you can open your own advocate consultation firm to cater for your clients privately with being attached to a specific court.

On a successful won case, you can up to $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the client and the kind of the case.


When you have a business whether small, medium or a large one you will need someone to keep your financial books. This field consists of financial advisors, economists and auditors.

Without people from this field business cannot run in proper way. Their tasks in the business include ; balancing financial statements, planning future well-being of the business, giving management advice on how the financial flow is running.

Companies like Deloitte are hiring accountants and auditors each and every year because this field is in much demand. Though in the future the course is a risk of being replaced by computers and software, it is a good course to for now.

In the United States of America especially in cities like New York where there are a lot of business accountants are in a high demand. Remember any shilling should always be accounted for.


Hospitality has the less number of students because most teenagers dislike cooking and going to the kitchen. What most don’t understand that most prestigious hotels pay a lot of money when you can only quick when a customer makes an order.

Once you are employed, most expenses are cut e.g. food expenses and much more. International 5 star brand hotels like Serena, Hilton and Grand Regency can hire you and you salaries can range from $1000 to $10,000 per month.

You can also be assigned a duty to travel with tourist and show them places they don’t know.

In conclusion, you should choose the career course you have a passion in. Study what you want to do and don’t follow misleading advices on careers that will make your certificate rot beneath your mattress. Go for a marketable degree or course that will benefit you in the future.

Education is like an investment, you invest money and time studying your career that will help and earn you money in the future. A wrong investment is always a waste of money and time. The selected courses above are my opinion relating to best courses of 2018.



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