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The Reason Why Wafula Called His Friend To Take Care Of His Children While Hiding Under The Bed


Mwangi and Njoki have been in a happy marriage for more than three years.

Due to Mwangi’s absence for work reasons in a neighboring county as a police officer, Njoki decided to get out of the box and turned Wafula the plumber into a mpango wa kando; a hot substitute for that case to warm her in the colds of the night when Mwangi was away.

It was a norm Wafula to visit when Mwangi left for work, Njoki and Wafula had been dating for more than a year in an “under water” relationship. For all this time, Wafula was the man of the house till the owner came back on weekends.

On this fateful Monday that Mwangi was supposed to return to work, Njoki packed everything his husband needed and bid him bye. Hurriedly she texted Wafula to dundaing since their barrier was no more.

For Wafula to perform well beyond pa, Njoki had bought mukombero from a lughya vendor and had also prepared some roasted njugu kuongeza nguvu ya kiume proper.

In a few minutes Wafula had arrived, parked his bicycle along the fence so that no one realizes he is in the house of a married woman, entered the house and started preparing for the biiiggg match with his mukombero and njugu.

It was now time for the big match to start, Njoki winked at Wafula telling him it was time and headed straight to “Kasarani”. Wafula followed suite, she dropped bendera and ready to donate the “things”.

Wafula had already sharpened teeth, when time to start feasting was ready, they heard footsteps on the stairs. Could it be Mwangi? Had Mwangi forgotten something in the house?

A man knocked on the door and shouted, ” fugua hii murago ama nipite nayo hadi dani.”

There was panick all over, all the windows had grill and Wafula could not jump over any window to escape and the only option was hide under the bed.

Wafula knew he was dead since the man could be Mwangi the police officer, he called his friend to take care of his children in case he doesn’t make it out of the house alive.

Njoki hurriedly went to open the door while dressing.

Knocks on the door continued and the man shouted again, ” reo najua huko, hua unaniona unatoloka. Unapika nyama kira mala hapa na hutaki kuripa lent!”

It was Kamau the landlord who had come to collect rent, Njoki had faulted to pay rent for two consecutive months.


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