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The Painful And Tragic Death Of Dick Samba After Wife’s Mpango Wa Kando Pushed Him Off 4th Floor Balcony

Dickson Jared Samba a resident from Kisumu died a few days back after what was termed as a love triangle gone sour.

It is believed that Dickson’s wife Alice Nyawaga who were married for more than 9 years had started another illicit affair with another man.

Drama started when Dickson came home in the evening 6th this August only to find another man with his wife in his house.

A scuffle started and Samba was overpowered and pushed from the fourth floor’s balcony. The late Dickson Samba succumbed to head and other injuries on the spot.

A lot of people online have really condemned this heinous act and encouraging women to stay with one partner.

Due to the online trolls, Samba’s wife Alice Ngawaga has come to clear the air on Facebook claiming that her husband flipped off the stairs and not off the balcony;

This is Alice Ngawana’s message;

Rumors! Be sure of what u spread outa ua mouths before spitting them out. What happened to Dickson Samba is only him and God that knows. If he was truly pushed to his death,the truth will always reveal itself. Let God handle this battle. This battle belongs to the Lord.
Dickson Samba if you were truly pushed to your death, don’t rest in peace but avenge for your death.
Let people talk all they can,but its only you and God that know the truth.
Shine your way jowi.

She continued today by saying;

Even if you’re so cold blooded, how can u kill a man you’re expecting his own baby.!
Acheni panganga haziko!
Ewafikie haters.
Shine your way jowi… Dic Samba.

These are some of the photos of Alice Ngawaga, Dickson Samba’s alleged killer wife;


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