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Team Leader Specialized Recoveries and Recoveries – Standard Bank Group


Risk Management: understanding all risks – from the economic to the political – that could affect our global business, and offering guidance to all parts of the bank.

Job Purpose

Manage and lead staff to ensure the minimisation of loss to the Standard Bank (Country name) by constantly improving the collections on NPLs, as well as managing the rehabilitation and retention policy, so as to have the accounts redefined as performing, ensuring staff competence, are sufficiently trained and that the appropriate collection tactics are implemented and ensure security items are timeously and efficiently repossessed and realised and that adequate provisions are kept and that impairment charges comply with policy guidelines; expedite recoveries on the Post Write Off portfolio to enhance profits and ultimately develop and maintain and sustain good working relationships with the other business units within the Standard Bank as well as external stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Risk Management

Ensure that all the necessary systems and controls are in place to properly manage the NPL book, and maximise the rehabilitation of accounts in arrears. To manage and control collection strategies and campaigns within the NPL environment with the aim of maximizing collection effectiveness and efficiency. Ensure effective and efficient repossession and disposal processes, secure storage facilities to be in place, as well as realising any attributable security. Operate within delegated authority levels, and ensure that staff reporting in have sufficient levels of mandate to perform day to day operations. Control and manage regularisation of accounts. Continuously investigate and re-evaluate collection process in terms of international best practice. Manage the control of the Post Write Off portfolio. Resolve all customer queries that arise on accounts in the NPL category. Responsible for the implementation and adoption (within Branch, Department or Section) of all Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions related requirements contained in policies, procedures and processes. This includes the consideration and approval of PEP on-boarding and continued business engagement in instances where no adverse information is available.

Relationships Liaise with business partners on developments within Specialised Recoveries, and their needs. Co-operative relationships between the various participants in the credit recovery processes.

People Management Establish an effective Specialised Recoveries structure and team, ensuring that all the required functions are adequately and timeously addressed. Ensure that people management and development frameworks and processes, including: recruitment and selection performance management talent management capacity building equity and diversity Develop team in the context of future capacity requirements Increase awareness amongst staff of statutory governance and legislation applicable to the Credit Control environment through appropriate training and accreditation interventions. Ongoing communication with staff regarding the need to ensure continual compliance.


Ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and supervisory requirements, to protect the reputation of the Group and to avoid legal action / sanction in respect of regulatory compliance matters. Monitor adherence to internal controls and regulatory requirements and enhance procedures, in need. Report any breaches and exposures to the business unit head and / or the division’s Regulatory Compliance Officer. Maintain high ethical standards to prevent market abuse. Provide relevant MI information to Head of Collections. Control and manage all records in department on action taken.

Operational Management Implement and manage collection strategies and campaigns. Maintain a high level of customer service. Control and monitor NPL accounts outsourced i.e. Court Orders for Repossession Manage and maintain workflow. Any delegated ad-hoc function. From Head of Collections.

Key performance measures NPL not to exceed 4.4% of Total Book. Manage the impairment charges. To ensure that staff achieve 100% of agreed benchmark on calls. Systems and controls to properly manage the NPL book. Recovery rate of customer debt. Timely and accurate submission of all required returns / reports. Control Costs within budget. To provided Customer Service to internal and external customers to ensure that queries/issues are resolved expeditiously. Co-operative relationships between the various participants in the credit recovery processes, inclusive of attorneys, liquidators, auctioneers, trustees and debt collections agencies. Management of Credit Control team through performance management, career planning, on the job training, succession planning and other assistance.

Key dimensions of the job Total Number of staff accountable for: xx NPL not to exceed 4.4% of Total Book. Rehabilitation rate. Recoveries rate. Continuous staff development.

Important relationships

Internal Credit Risk Management: Credit Evaluation and Credit Support Units – for assistance on facility and security details Corporate and Investment Banking: Account Executives – for background information on new clients defaulting on payments Personal and Business Banking: Manager, New Business – for background information on new clients defaulting on payments Legal Department: legal advice on the most plausible method of recovery.

External Tracing agents: for assistance where internal tracing has been unsuccessful Attorneys, auctioneers, and debt collections agencies in terms of Service Level Agreements.

Preferred Qualification And Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Law, Economics, Finance, Accounting or Business Administration
Ability to manage a large area (volumes, value and staff complement)

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

A good knowledge of the collection process and related admin functions and laid down criteria relating to routine matters.
Knowledge of procedural and legal issues involved in the resolution of bad debts evolving from a clear understanding of the provisions of all relevant legislative requirements.
Knowledge of various legislative requirements, particularly as it pertains to the recovery of debt liquidation/insolvency/administration/receivership processes
Understanding of the bank’s systems, policies and procedures in order to optimally draw on the available information to manage and control the NPL book and to ensure timely submission of all monthly / quarterly returns and reports.
Knowledge of performance management.
Good knowledge of the Bank’s lending products; Secured and Un-secured
Computer literacy.


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