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7 Easy Steps To Follow For Faster AdSense Approval Of Your New Site


This are some important pages you should never ignore, the approval team takes this more serious. These pages inckude;

1. Privacy policy

A privacy policy is a statement telling visitors to your site how you collect information from them, what information you collect and what you do with that information.

The privacy page too must clearly indicate the age children who should not use your site, for example for my site, children under the age of 18 should not provide of use any services of this website.

AdSense requires your privacy page to include, Third party vendors, including Google, how they use cookies and web beacons to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to your website. Mention the DART cookies.

Google’s use of advertising cookies enabling it and its partners to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and/or other sites and your visitors how they cancan opt-out of ads.

(Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting ( www.aboutads.info). See example of my Privacy Policy and get more tips.

2. About Us

This page talks more about your site because it gives description in a more detailed and summarized manner.

Always include contact details on how people can easily find you in case of queries, articles addition or removal.

And explain to your readers what they are going to benefit from visiting your site.

3. Contact Us

The contact us page, gives your the opportunity to interact with, the can ask queries about products and services or even contribute writing articles to your site through guest posting.

Some may want you to remove or add some contents in your website. This page should be should and easy use and also place it in a more visible place where your visitors can easily it.

3. Dsclaimer Policy

This where you explain to your users that links that belong to other site but are your site have their own TOS.

Als include your post are written in good faith butt are not 100% accurate.

4. Terms of Usage

This explains how visitors should your site, this I think are some are some set rules visitors must adhere to prior to using your sitesite.

  • Don’t apply using a sub domain.

As the point clearly state, don’t apply for Adsense when you are using a subdomain, trythe to find a good web host to register s custom domain. To beginners an example of a custom domain is www.vosena.co.ke and  exampls of subdomains are; parmedia.vosena.co.ke or slyee.wordpress.com, these are just examples.

These are the best web hosts companies I know in Kenya, they will register your domain either locally or internationally. Google, WordPress, Godaddy and Blue host also register and host websites. Google host for free on its platform blogger.

  • Check for AdSense prohibited content.

AdSense also require you don’t have some contents which are prohibited by them in your site.

Example of prohibited content by AdSense include; pornography related materials e.g videos or images, derogatory content, drugs related content and alcohol related content too. Check out the full list of Adsense prohibited contents.

  • Website Design and User Experience.

Your site’s design matters alot, AdSense require you provide a clear, simple and easy navigation in your site. Readers can easily find posts and pages.

The first appearance of your site should always impress your visitors for more. Put clear menus, you can use mega menu plugins from WordPress to do this.

  • No other third party ads companies.

For Google to put ads on your site, you must not have other ads on your blog, there are ads that don’t go along with Google AdSense. Google requires a good user experience while browsing in your site, pop up and pop unders may affect user experience while in your site.

Chitika sometimes may go along with Adsense but I really don’t recommend this before you are approved, before the process is done never use ads company in your sitesite.

  • Google Analytics.

This helps you track how visitors use and move in your site, when the approval team comes across this analytics code, they will see the seriousness in you about how you track your visitors recordsfor in your blog. See full story on Google Analytics.

  • Check if your site is blacklisted.

You can check if your site is blacklisted by typing ” site:yoursitedomain” in your browser. Do not include the quotes.

  • Language.

Google Adsense does not support all the languages, click here to find languages AdSense supports. 

NOTE: You should not apply for review if your site is in an under construction state.


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