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7 Easy Steps To Follow For Faster AdSense Approval Of Your New Site


Looking for the best contextual advertising company on the internet to monetize your site? A company with the highest payouts? You are in the right place. AdSense is here for you.

Google AdSense is the best contextual advertising company I will recommend any newbie blogger trying out, since it has its trusted advertisers, hold on, Google AdSense is always doing the best it can to protect the interest of its advertisers and visitors to your site so as to the serve them relevant ads. Thus it has sets of rules and guidelines that every site owner or a publisher must adhere to before applying for a site review for them to start putting ads on your website.

Any missed rules will definitely get you disapproved, the best thing with them is that they let you keep trying and once you meet their requirements you will get approved. In my post today am going to take you on some serious points you have to take note to easily get approved by AdSense.

Also note that in India and China, your site must have been online or should be six months old before apply. But if you work on your site well, the maturity matter should be of lesshelp concern.

All individuals applying for the program must be 18 years old and above.

Here are easy steps to get that first approval:

  • Write high quality content.

Writing high quality content means writing lengthy posts, with less misspellings and less grammatical errors, your post should always be straight to the point. You should write a post related to your heading or your title.

Many people wonder how many words should a post have to be lengthy, well a lengthy post should contain 700 – 2000 words, a lot of newbies write 250 – 300 words and this to me is wrong. These are just but few words which in real sense can not really explain a full topic to help your readers understand you more, not unless you are making a summary for an examination, and in this case it isn’t an exam summary.

Your site is viewed by people ( AdSense team ) and not robots or maybe programs and softwares, you have to make the best out of you to increase the chances of the team approving you.

Make your work more presentable and more organized. At least you should have 4 and more posts in each category and have well labelled posts by tag. Try to also to include bullets and numbers in your post, differentiate headings, subheadings, titles and subtitles for easier interpretation and understanding.

If you are using WordPress, use this screenshot to help you find this. Or you can simply go to your dashboard, create post then on your top left in the edit post sector click the drop down sign in the paragraph area, you will find all the options for different headers there.

Examples of headers

  • Make sure that your content is appropriate.

Since you researched about a niche you are confident to write about, write all that related to your niche.

Don’t include posts with nude pictures or pornographic materials, don’t write post related to hacking or encouraging the sell hard drugs or ammunition, this is not allowed in your site, to my view of things all your photos should be G rated to be on a safer side.

  • Post original content and avoid copyrighted content.

What is copyrighted contents? These are licensed materials which require permission from respective owners before you use them, you either credit them back or get their permission.

Posting original content means writing contents from scratch, creating and  writing from your own ideas. Always do research on your topics before writing any of them. AdSense require publishers to write unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.

You should always not copy paste other people’s content and pasting to your site. You better have little but meaningful articles than having large amount of copy pasted content in your site.

Another important point to note is that never download random images on the internet or in any other search engine and use it in your site, the approval team may do a reverse image search and find the photo is not an original work from you.

Copyrighted materials are not only copy pasted content or randomly downloaded images, they may include videos, audios, logos and even ebooks.

These are websites where you can find quality free royalty media files or images;

  1. Wikimedia commons
  2. Flickr
  3. iStock
  4. Google commons
  5. 500px
  6. Wylio
  7. Bigfoto
  8. IM free
  9. FreePhotos.cc
  10. Pexels
  • Create multiple website pages.

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