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Simple Tricks To Win That Great Job Interview


Have you been going to interviews but automatically fail to secure your dream job? Well don’t keep wondering because am going to share with you the simple tricks to win that great job interview.

Sometimes there are some unavoidable circumstances which can lead to loosing that chance maybe work experience, corruption , tribalism and many other reason. These points will not guarantee you a hundred percent direct job but will gradually help you to cover important points you must do before appearance in that interview room.

Here are the points that will take you through to hit that job interview and start working with that big dream company you have beed dreaming of.

1. Arrive early on time.

Always be in the interview room the earliest of time possible. In many instances I have heard lots of people who had secured jobs after they turned earlier to the interview.

For your information job interviewers can’t sit and wait you, you are the one to sit and wait them.

There is also a chance when you arrive earlier than the other interviewees you can get a direct job as many managers need people who work and act on time. Don’t the early bird catches the worm firm.

2. Proper dressing.

Proper presentation. When you are employed to a company, you reflect the image of the company. A poorly dressed individual will probably bring the business name and image to a bad reputation and that’s the reason interviewer will not allow such on their staffs.

Also your dressing talks much more about you, a person can easily judge and make a conclusion from your dressing.

Just be simple and always remember that an interview is not a fashion show. Be neat, iron your best suit or cloth you are going to wear on that occasion day. Brush your shoes and shave well but a simple style if you must. I would rather recommend you not to spray on perfume because not everyone likes every perfume. It might have a scent that one or two interviewers won’t like; this petty things can cost you.

Put on a tie if you have one. Don’t wear skinny and tighter jeans this will fail you. Check yourself on the mirror before leaving.

3. Carry all the required documents.

There is no any other ways you can prove yourself that you are a graduate to a panel of interviewers when you forgot your degree certificate on top of your bed. First mistake that will get you turned down in the interview room will be “forgeting”.How can you forget your documents?

Second mistake, you can’t convince someone you have a certificate when you literally forgot it somewhere because that will be total negligence.

The best thing to do when you areexactly preparing for an interview, arrange all the requirements together a day or two before the actual day. The documents; your CV, a copy of your Identification card, a cover letter and a copy of your genuine graduate certificate should be placed together maybe in an envelope for faster retrieval.

You cannot tell the panel to wait you  rush home so as to bring the documents, this can’t work. Always carry your required documents.

4. Rehearse and be prepared.

When you are yourself at home or somewhere calm try to rehearse on how you will address your interviewers. Maybe use a mirror talk to it and youI will gain the courage.

Prepare on what to talk and what not to. Try to challenge your interviewers to make them believe in you and understand you are the right candidate. Most people like challenges.

5. Believe in yourself and be confident.

Be confident in yourself, remove self doubt and tell yourself, ‘yes you can’. Answer questions directly as they are asked because winding and beating around the bush can make you fail the interview.

Keep eye contact always. Maintained eye contact proves you are confident and do not show fear. And also this shows your straight forwardness.

When it is your turn to enter into the interview room do not comfortably pull the chair and sit. A good procedure is first knock the door, when told to enter then enter. Greet the interviewers then keep standing, you will be told to take a sit.

6. Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter

These are the two documents that speak on your behalf. Remember always to update your CV. Include all your work experiences, schooling indicating well the years and most importantly the names and contacts of your referees; this information should be accurate and honest. Some employers will always call these referees to get the information about you.

In the occasion of a cover letter, tell the company why you would like to work with them, praise their company and give them a reason to hire you.

Before you go for the interview, call your referees to remind them about you because it can be difficult for someone to remember you after you worked with them years back.

Am truly sure if you follow these simple trick, you will secure that job you have been dreaming of. Have a little prayer before the ininterview and remember all things are possible.


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