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Simple Tricks To Win All Your Bets For Maximum Profits


I would like to categorically let you know that gambling or betting can make you rich or poor. Some people do it purely for fun others as pure investment, the investment side get so emotional and personal when the matches they have placed they bet on are in play. Sometimes they would prefer switch off their phones and wait for the final results, others will be on livescores all through to check the proceedings of the matches till the final match.

Gambling can be a very easy way of making money depending on how you place your bets.”the ni kamoja tu” phrase has been the song to many gamblers whereas a  multibet of 6+ teams is spoiled by one match,but again come to think of it as you complain of one team spoiling your good return bet what would have gained of at all you had placed a multibet of 2 teams or 3 bets?


Lets say you are in gambling as investor in any case of investment you need capital, so lets take Ksh1000 (10usd) as your capital, now select 6 match which your instincts tell you are sure bets put them in pairs and stake Ksh200 to each and lets assume each multibet has total odds of 4 odds.

So from each bet you expect a return of 800 ksh (3) bets incase where you win all bet your total return will amount to 2400 ksh a profit of 1600 ksh if one of your bet loose’s you will still have a profit.


As an investor in gambling don’t go for so many teams which will give you mega odds and stake the lowest and expect big return take 2 odds a day and your stake be Ksh 1000 if in a month you place your bets lets say out of 30 days you lose in 10 days
*20 days
2×1000= 2000
2000×20= 40000

You will have a profit of 10000ksh


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