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Simple Steps To Win A Scholarship To Fund Your Education


Everyone wants to study to the highest level of education maybe to PhD masters and all that to secure yourself that dream job you have been longing for. But what happens when you lack the finances to finance your education? Does your dreams just shutter like that? Well follow these Simple Steps To Win A Scholarship To Fund Your Education.

There are lots of institutions, individuals and schools who are willing to sponsor brighter students to help them fulfill their dreams. Hope is always there and lack of school fees should not bring your dreams to a scramble.

Here are some few points to consider so as to land yourself that life changing scholarship.

Cooperatives and institutions

There are lots of private institutions that are really willing to help students get back to schools when they lack schools. In Kenya Equity bank offers a scholarship program called Fly with wings. This scholarship program helps brighter needy students who cannot afford school fees to join form one.

The student will be sponsored for the four years of studies. For tertiary college students, Harvard university in the United States of America offer full scholarships to both local students in the United States and international students.

Do a lot of online research

If you can access a computer and internet thats an advantage. There are schools which are looking for students to sponsor, they either pay a small fee of the whole tuition fee or pay it as a whole.

Visit Southeast Community College, Harvard university, Massachusetts, Xavier university of Louisiana, Santiago Canyon, The university of Alabama in the United States of Am, Brookes College in the United Kingdom offer partial and full scholarships. Southeast Community College requires you only to apply in their school and once you are approved into their school you can start accessing college scholarships. No need of filling FAFSA forms.

Capable individuals

There are a lot of capable rich individuals who have kind hearts. You can personally visit them in their home or in their office, talk to them personally and they can listen to you.

If you have good performance, this can automatically increase the chances of an individual sponsoring your education. Always keep in mind that all things are possible. You can try several people so as the few who will be willing to help you out will do so.

Charities and foundations

Individual people and organizations have in recent part opened up foundations to that can cater for students financial needs and much more.

Foundations like Belinda and Bill gates, Coca cola foundation and Toyota foundations give hope to students who are loosing their hope in education. Research for the best foundation that fits your needs.

Your local government

Some states sponsor their students financially, whether it is a grant or a loan you will pay later in the future it will be sponsorship. HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) is a section in the government that funds all your college and university education as a loan at a lower interest. The loan they disburse to you will be deducted from you salary after you are employed after college.

There are also grants that students in Kenya enjoy to fund their education without paying or refunding the government which is called CDF, visit any county offices to inquire more of these funds so as they can help you to apply and get your education funded.

Your current studying school

There are schools that offer promises to students. Those students that that attain a certain grade for a certain period according to your school are promised a lump sum of money as payment for your school fees. So why can’t you work hard to attain these better grades to win this scholarships?

A school like Nairobi university sponsors its undergraduate students who graduate with a first class in all of their masters education.

Ask for opportunities from friends and relatives

This is the easiest thing for you to do, there are some friends and relatives who know well when, where and how to apply to get a successful scholarship. Some may have applied earlier and gotten theirs. You should talk to them to help out.

Wishing you the best as you find your life changing scholarship to finance your education.


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