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Steps For Adding Your Website To Google Search Console

XML sitemap is pathway of telling Google search console ( formerly Webmaster tools ) and other search engines on how to index your posts. Today I won’t be talking much on XML sitemaps, I will be dwelling much on Steps For Adding Your Website To Google Search Console. This is necessary and both simple.

First you need to have a Google account so as to access Google Search Console features. If you already have an account sign in to your Google Search Console account.

After you are done signing in and you are into your dashboard, click on the “add property” red button located on the top right hand side in the page.

Adding property on Google Seach Console

After clicking the add button, you will be directed to another page where you will be asked to enter the URL of your site.

Inputting the URL of your site, which you want to be monitored.Choose website on the dropdown options where you want to put your URL and not opt for the mobile app option. Because it is a website we are submitting here.

Note that you should put the exact URL you want Google bots to index, because Google will index the exact URL you provided. Allow me to illustrate a little bit on this; if you are accessing your site through ( ) put your URL as that and not as ( ). The same applies to SSL protected domains and unprotected ones. Protected domains are provided as (https) and the ones with no protection as (http). If your domain is protected insert your URL starting ( ) and for the unprotected ignore the “S” ; . Put the URL exactly as they appear for better results.

Once you are done putting your URL, click the ” Add ” blue button just below the URL you submitted.

You will be directed to verify the ownership of your site as shown in the image below. You can verify your site as recommended by Console where you will be given a HTML file to down then upload it to your site’s root files. After that click verify and you are good to go.

Verification option one involves uploading the HTML file to your root site's file.

You can as we use other alternative methods as to verify your ownership for the site. These methods include:

  1. Domain name registrar
  2. Google analytics account
  3. HTML tag
  4. Use your Google tag manager account

In this case I will use the third option which involves pasting a meta tag between the tags <head> </head>.


Copy the meta tag and paste it as illustrated above. Don’t copy the whole meta tag , copy only between the quotes, the quoted tag as shown below . For a better understanding I pasted the required tag.

Required tag code you need to copy

When you are done copying. Go to your site’s author dashboard, if you are using blogger scroll down to theme, click on theme, then go to “edit HTML”. Paste the tag just before the  closing tag </head> which is above the opening tag <body>.

Supposed tags where to paste the tag


Once you are done go back to the Google Search Console dashboard and click Verify.

Booom!! Your website is now submitted to Google Search Console.

But wait, you just submitted your site what are the advantages of having your site in the Google Search Console? These are the advantages of having your site there;

  • You are entitled to easily access reports and data analysis from your Google Search Console.
  • You are also shown the users and property owners of your site, this features are found on the top right hand of the Console page in the gear settings option.
  • Shown your site’s verification details.
  • It displays in the dashboard all the sites that links to your website.
  • Gives you the options of site setting and how to display your URLs whether to display them as ( ) or ( ).
  • Gives you the stats on how your internal clicks were clicked and the impression they created.
  • The Search shows you whether your URLs are indexed on Google or not.
  • You can as well use your international targeting setting option to choose your target audience country e.g USA, UK, Kenya Or Germany.
  • You are also given a comprehensive statistics on how crawlers crawled your site, the errors encountered and much more.

If the process above is difficult to add your site to the Console kindly use Yoast Plugin  as it will give you a step by step guide on how to do the process. You can comment too below this post for interaction with other users and me on the topic. You can as well contact me at

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