SAIDIA BOY SHAOLD: My Girlfriend Farts And P©©ps In Bed When She Is Almost Climaxing, Sad Boyfriend Narrates | Vosena News

SAIDIA BOY SHAOLD: My Girlfriend Farts And P©©ps In Bed When She Is Almost Climaxing, Sad Boyfriend Narrates


A 37-year-old middle-aged man from Zambia has been recently passing through hell when he discovered that his wife farts and p**ps when she is in ‘heaven’ over bedroom marathon.

The man name withheld, who had made a promise with the wife that ‘NO S£X BEFORE MARRIAGE’ came to a light thundering experience on the first day they married and had s€x. The woman could not hold in either the life shaking sweet liquid (this is uncontrollable), the damn obnoxious carbon (V) oxide and lastly the by products of githeri she had earlier consumed.

And to be realistic this only affects a few but this experience totally turns a man off. If you want to know am telling you the truth, my dear ladies try it, you will be left there cursing that day.

Well this is the confession the man had to open his chest and made;

“Am a man aged 37 and married to a beautiful 35 year old  lady with two cute children. I have a very sensitive issue and I have tried but I don’t know what to do on myself now. I dated and married my wife but in courtship we had agreed no to sex though my lady and I had dated other people before that. For sure we lived without sex. Now after our wedding we had our first sex as married people but my wife defecated where we logged. It was embarrassing, I understood thinking it’s phobia and the food we had daytime during the wedding. So I paid someone to clean the beddings at the lodge. 

He continued,

That was during honeymoon. But that happened the following day. In the years we have married, my wife defecates when we are making love. She first shouts in total excitement then defecates when she reaches climax in the promised land. I saw one doctor in Ndola Zambia and he tried but nothing is changing. Sometimes when am horny I even fear to have sexual intercourse with her because of this condition. I tried asking her and she said that was the reason why men she had dated earlier left her.

This story sounds funny but it is real and happening somewhere to people who can’t open up. If you have any help or advice to this couple kindly let us know in the comments below.


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