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Revealed: Rayvanny’s HIV Test Results Are Here, You Will Be Shocked

Singer Rayvanny has left many mouth wide open after he courageously revealed to the public; his fans about his HIV test he had done earlier.

Many celebrities take this as a private matter and tend to hide their results from the public and that’s bring us the question why the Pochinene hit maker decided to reveal his test results to the public when we haven’t already forgotten he is a f**k boy.

Early last year Vanny’s girlfriend Fahyvanny on Instagram now wife was pregnant for the singer but the singer still smashed a Kenyan socialite’s nunu by the name Mishi Dora who has three children like no other man’s business. First, he had mnyanduano without going for a HIV test with the socialite and you understand how this lasses are good in nunu business nowadays.

Secondly there was a rumour he was bedding Vera Sidika another socialite who had an affair with an Igbo man from Nigeria.

The results came as a surprise because many anticipated him having the deadly blood. Rayvanny has also insisted fellow singer Harmonize to take caution and go get tested. I was wondering why the singer only insisted on Harmonize but later realized that birds of the same feathers fly together.

These are some of the comments from his fellow artists and Instagram followers who were talking about his HIV results:

sallyvanna 😂😂😂😂 hata Mi leo nilienda kupima na bahati nzuri nimerudi na fulaha kama wew @rayvanny baada ya kukuta hospital wanayo cheki-afya umefungwa😀😀😀😀😂😂👌

eliudsamwel Kama kupima basi acha tupime uzito, na urefu alafu baade tupime vitambaa kisha tushone suit alafu tuanze kwenda kanisani, haya mambo ya ndani ya hekalu la mungu atamalizana nayo mwenye mwili

diamondplatnumz Nilitegemea utantumia mie kama Mfano….Na Kuwambia hao Kina Harmo kuwa Hatimaye umemua kufata Nyayo Zangu😄…. Yani Unaniingiza na mie kwenye kundi lao… Unaumwa kweli wewe! 😅

mbosso_ Endelea na Mchezo wako wa kupima mara kwa mara.., unachokitafuta utakipata Kaka… Ubarikiwe sanaa…

sekro_bennie If ur HIV risk was yesterday…. Still the antigen and antibodies can’t be tested positive… So u need to take another test after 3 months so as your results to be conclusive

officialhellenelias Mtu unamwanamke wako bado hamwaminiani makubwa

sondikie Mbna ray anasisitza sana kwa harmo but well done to know u are health status

rudeboyfirstborn Jamaa Unapenda kupima kila Siku inawezekana we mzee wa kuruka mno au haumuamini mke wako

Click to watch the video below to see his HIV results:

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