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Reasons Why You Should Never Vote Members From These Big 6 Families As Your Next President


The next general election will be here in a few years to come and politicians are busy ‘kuuza sera’ even in places they shouldn’t; Funerals and churches. Actually they don’t care since they are always above the law and think they are also above their creator.

All the dramas and the promises they failed to fulfill during their tenure will be forgotten once they come back with 100 bob for each one of us from the money they looted meant for us.

That aside, have you noticed that not all politicians are the same; some are good and some worst? Have you ever noticed politicians from these BIG FIVE families have same characteristics?

Well these are some of the reasons why you should never trust politicians from these five families with your votes.

Greed for power

Most politicians from these families are children whose fathers were either presidents of this republic or famous politicians, they already accumulated wealth from inheritance and that’s a good reason they don’t care about the less privileged majority who voted for them.

What they have in mind is use you to vote and get the power, they want to be recognized and not work for the people.

They are always fighting each other for power and the people who suffer most are civilians who queued from 4AM to vote for them while their children have high security details.

They will always fool us with silly handshakes but behind their minds they know their next moves.

Empty promises

Free secondary education, right? They will always brain wash us especially if they are going for a second term.

After you vote them for the second term they will treat you as if they totally don’t recognize you voted for them.

They will always hit on your soft spots to get what they want, over taxing on your must to do activities like transport and daily products as sugar and the rest.

Poor leadership

Children from these big families think if their fathers did it, why can’t they do it. They give a try and we foolishly vote them in. The first three presidents of this country ruled well till a kin became the ruler.

The kin spends more revenue than the country can generate. They borrow huge sums of money from Asian countries and blind fold us building a standard gauge railway when we will be the ones to pay.  The country is at a huge debt when a certain political family with the kin as a ruler is planning to build somewhere in this country a city worth Kes 500 billion. If they are leaders enough and committed to serving Kenyans, the money they are using to build the city was for God’s sake looted from our country by their fore fathers. Why can’t they pay the China’s debt with a fraction of the Kes 500 billion when we know very well they still have huge amounts of money stacked in their bank accounts?

Leaders from these family are either the most corrupt or they tolerate corruption to the highest order. I mean, who in Kenya has ever been charged on corruption and spent at least two years in prison for the crime before his/her case is heard? Kenya should now start taking corruption as a serious crime.

First introduce corruption in the syllabus to teach children from a tender age that corruption is a crime and second anyone either a principal from a school receiving bribe to admit a student to his school, both the parent and the principal are guilty of corruption; whether the corruption involved major general of police, deputy president, children and grandchildren of former presidents, they are guilty and should be jailed for 3 years in prison before their case is heard. That will be a big step in fighting corruption. Let’s leave instances where people are killed because they were corrupt; jail first before case is heard.

All these points about corruption are omitted from the Kenyan constitution because they favor the big fish and the so called “Law Implementers”


These politicians will always make sure they loot the country to the last coin. Hoping you heard the politician who said he accumulated his current wealth from selling chickens and avoided lifestyle audit.

They will order expensive choppers and cars but sources of all these expenditure will never be questioned because they are above the law as I said earlier. This politician was named the most corrupt politician in Kenya by a survey conducted a few months back.

Before going to that ballot box, think about your future life, your child’s security and education, food security, infrastructure and agriculture; a leader who can do this and work with people. Never vote a politician who has never slept hungry because of lack of food. If you have never passed in such a stage you will never feel the pain of going hungry when voted a politician.

Never go for the 100 bob dirty corrupt money that will haunt for the next five years. Never vote for a politician because he is your tribe’s man, your neighbor, your brother or your in-law. Vote for a leader who is capable, responsible, productive and most importantly a leader who cares for people regardless of their status and tribe.

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