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Reasons As To Why Mount Kenya University Is Bringing It’s Kitale Campus To A Close

Since the opening of Mount Kenya University in Kitale town in January 2011, the school has been of a greater significance in the region for students who could not make it to its main campus in Thika. The university in the years between 2012 and 2015 has been receiving a massive large number of intakes compared to its competitors; Kisii university, Nairobi Aviation college, Jkuat and Nairobi university.

But as at the start of 2016 the university started receiving low number of new registering students. The biggest reason to the reduction of the number new intake according to sources is that the school had poor customer (student) care and satisfaction. And this is not a Matiang’i school closure thing.

Former Mount Kenya University.

Former Mount Kenya University.

According to close sources and some students in the varsity, the students were missing CAT marks in their portal, some complained about missing exam marks and there was a situation when a student from the School of Education mistakenly had two student accounts.

Late last year, students from the School of Business were denied sitting for their special examinations due to missing CAT marks, yet they had done them but lecturers had not entered their marks in the system. Officials had waited to the last-minute and made the CAT marks announcements the same exam day yet they had the whole semester to send an official memo to students to give them time for preparation.

The most devastating situation was when the school started dismissing and sacking part-time lecturers and the situation led to inadequate lecturers who could handle the large mass number of students. As at now the school has no adequate lecturers to business classes.

The new Equip Africa College

Since this is a private university and the school depends on student fees to run and pay staffs, the low number of intake affected the school and brought it to a low-end. This situation has even led for delay payments of some lecturers as there is a lecturer who has not been paid for a close period of 2-3 years.

Due to this reason, the school has decided toto rebrand into another institution and send current studying students to its Eldoret campus.

Equip Sponsored By Mount Kenya University

Equip Sponsored By Mount Kenya University

The school has opened another subsidiary Medical and Health Science school known as Equip Africa College, still sponsored by the owner and Mount Kenya University itself. The intake is ongoing for nursing students but Business, Education and other students will be transferred to Eldoret Campus.

NOTE: This is not a defamatory article but an article to all universities in Kenya to concentrate on QUALITY student education rather than FEES and money. This universities should help needy students like overseas varsities through sponsorships instead of focusing much on profits.


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