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Proof Otile Brown Is Still Nyanduaring Vera Sidika And They Are Together


Rumours doing rounds had it that power couple Otile Brown and Vera Sidika had called their relationship to an end.

This started after the two deleted each other’s photos from their social media handles; Instagram. It was believed that Vera Sidika dumped singer Otile Brown because he was not well endowed down there, he had a small cassava.

Well it has come to our attention that the two are still an item and Otile is warming Vera Sidika’s bed.

Otile Brown has released a new song BabyLove and Vee was the first one to post it on her Instagram account, praised the singer as her baby and how he has a sweet voice.

The matter about the two breaking up was purely a publicist stunt.

Otile responded by saying;

otilebrown Love you too maa

These were some of the responses from their fans;

luci254 ????? wadaku kujeni apa… Acha kwanza nikimbie pale kilimani niwaite

itschanzu Wee unaharibu. Si mnafaa kuwa mshabreak up?

marcusmboya This had to be @queenveebosset thinking,do something which makes everyone notice,fly to coast ,shoot the best video @hotelenglishpoint ,sit back n relax,watching yall yapping,tells @otilebrown ,its time to release the song plus video,,boom ,views heading to 1m in 1hr time,genius,help babe to make money,na nyinyi hapa ati otile ni fala amewachwa,in business u plan n excute,congratulations to both of you????

iamkeheart Looool ???? Watu wa kiki leo kitumbua kimejaaa Kokoto??? mtakomaa kuingilia Ndooa za watu

deestellah I was heartbroken for your breakup as if l was the one in the relationship ????

daiziekimtai They did the same thing rayvanny and fahyvanny did, delete pics, act single, release a song later and boom they’re still together, strong as ever???…… Pity the haters now…. ???

zarii_boss @jumalokole2 njoo uwone unazani kiki anaweza kaka yako domo tu hata Kenya kiki zipo muwe nmatuliza pumbu siyo Kila ulionalo unasema ??

kabui_winnie OMG i love this, i knew you guys would never break it off, wah!!!! Honestly you’re my power couple and my hero couple, you guys look so good together, fuck society what matters is just the two of you only. I know my comment is unrecognizable from all these others but i just had to speak my mind. I’m your biggest fan guys ???????????????????????????

curvesgh Where the Haters at??????

Love U Both @queenveebosset @otilebrown ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

tameera.93 Who brought up this thing that before releasing a song people should act like they broke up? Mnaleta kiki za kibongo kenya ?…. @geepabelong I de tire ??‍♀️ my sis




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