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Top Places In Kenya Where Sponsors Flock To Shop For Slay Queens


You will never believe the top places where heavy pocketed sponsors go shopping for money hungry slay queens in Kenya.

For your information, sponsors are not setting foot in anything called a brothel for night nurses to keep them warm all through the night.

Sponsors are now eyeing innocent college girls who are still fresh and are fast and can perform faster and are reliable.

These are top places where sponyos shop for cheap slay queens in Kenya especially in Nairobi.

  1. UoN – having the largest population of all in the list, this university has a large number of ladies who stay on their own and practice night nursing duties at every opportunity they get.
  2. USIU – it is believed that at USIU you can shop for both the ladies and boys. It is a convenient place and bargaining can continue later.
  3. KU – having a branch at the middle of the city, Sponyos get lots of chances to peep and shop lazy lazying slay queens around the school.
  4. Any Law School college slay queen – it is said that any slay queens from any Law School in Kenya are the cheapest of all. You only need one mzinga, maybe chrome or any makali and she will follow you home.
  5. Jkuat – though they are rare, you can also have some naughty known chicks from this college for a paid night.

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