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Picture Of The Girl Who Accidentally Killed Actor Steven Kanumba


If you were a fanatic of swahili movies from Tanzania then you could have seen the greatest actor Kanumba who featured in movies like: Uncle JJ, Big Daddy, Johari, Devil Kingdom, Love In School and Village Pastor. But time came and he vanished, many asked where did this actor go.

He was a great actor and at the time of his death there was no wide usage of social media, so many of his fans to date don’t know where the actor is or his untimely death.

The worst theory I ever had from his fan but a friend of mine is that illuminati hid him because he refused to continue worshipping them.


To clear the waves to his fans about his whereabouts, the actor died in 2012 to what it maybe termed as an accident death or domestic violence but keep in minds that there was someone charged with manslaughter of the actor’s death.

On Saturday 7th April 2012, Steven Kanumba had a quarrel with his girlfriend a fellow actor and that’s the last day he breathed. Elizabeth Lulu the said girlfriend was heard quarreling with Kanumba before she was seen running from their house.

A brother to Steven said he had them quarrel and Lulu picked her phone and called another man before vanishing.

In a Dar es salaam court, Lulu Elizabeth defended herself by saying that Steven Kanumba was filled with anger and was charging at her with a machete before she pushed him hard on the wall. The actor fell down and died on the spot, his brother called a doctor to examine him but Steven was no more.

Lulu was found guilty of manslaughter and on Monday November 13th 2017 she was sentenced to the charges for two years of imprisonment.


But barely a year in jail after her sentence, the female actor was released on bail in May 2018. She is now serving a community sentence in Dar es salaam where she is supposed to sweep and clean the Home Affairs ministry till late November this year.

Before her arrest, team mafisi assistant chair in command singer Bahati was crashing on the lass and even travelled to Tanzania to pour to her his heart but non of his shit was taken into consideration. I think that was the reason he married Diana Marua because of desperation.

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