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Photos: Ugandan Priest Nyanduaring His Church’s Nun


It is true today’s the end times are near and the society is rotten to the maximum. I mean who never heard about the “panda mbegu ya 310na utapata upako? Apart from the fake miracles he performed, he had also sired children out of their wedlock and many more other dirty things we can not mention here; touching women’s breast in the name of healing breast cancer.

Though in normal understanding we know that they are people like us and don’t use any form off petrol, but the question is, why should you accept being a church father when you know your body is tempting?


A priest in Arua a town in northern Uganda has been taped making love to his church nun in the evening in private office many didn’t know it existed inside his house. The name of the church and the priest’s is withheld for security reasons.

Suspicion started arising when the said priest started flocking the church’s orphanage which is a kilometer away from the main church with kids every year claiming they were orphans. What exactly made people to start suspecting is when the father could not provide information about the backgrounds of the children or even try to talk about their uncles, aunties or even siblings.

This prompted a catechist close to the priest to place a hidden camera in the private office of the priest and what followed was astonishing for sure. The nun who frequents the father’s house on pretense of assisting him house chores was evidently caught on the camera getting nyaduad like never before.

Sources who viewed the video before it was released online said that the priest had earlier been convicted of the same crimes on different nuns and had faced the panel on several occasions before they were taken to other churches for protection from such thirsty priests.

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But why?

See the photos of the two nyanduaring each other:

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