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Mistakes That Can Make Your Adsense Account Banned Instantly

Google AdSense is the best contextual advertising network on the internet by far right now. They have the highest payouts. They are both transparent and beneficial to the their advertisers and publishers as well. AdSense have rules and guidelines for  publishers to follow to protect the interest of their advertisers. Always check out mistakes that can make your AdSense account banned instantly.

Any missed or ignored rule by the publisher might lead to the suspension of his account or banned for good. Adsense banning your account is the worst punishment my dear ever. Because all the revenue collected is not paid to you, it is collected and returned back to their respective advertisers.

Adsense gives you a second chance for to appeal. You might get lucky get a review and approved back.

But in other unquestionable circumstances your account may not be given another chance, this ain’t a good experience to the publisher because personally I heard some publishers seeking advice online that their accounts were not given a second chance and all their revenue gone.

All this can be avoided by simply following their simple rules to enjoy a nice stay on AdSense. If you have not yet applied for AdSense Sign up to start monetizing your site.

You can also read an article on 7 Easy Steps To Follow For Faster AdSense Approval Of Your New Site. This post will help you by giving you tips and rules that will guide you to convince AdSense team to approve you faster.

These are few points to help you stay safe and avoid your account being suspended or banned by adsense:

Invalid clicks

So you received this email from AdSense “…. congratulations your account has been approved ….” It is a nice moment mmh! After approval then you think of various decisive ways to make more money faster? This is wrong, AdSense will detect all these and you will be in the wrong end.

What are invalid clicks? Invalid clicks may include auto generated clicks by softwares or robots. But wait, telling your friends to click on your ads is also a big mistake.

Google uses cookies to serve ads on each site of their publishers. Each individual has cookies in their browsers hence when they click on your ads in rows, this may raise a red flag. Read more on Type Of Cookies Google Uses To Serve Websites Owners And Visitors Better.

Did you know clicking on your own ads is also an offence? Well I think you should know. Never click on your own ads as a publisher. You will be terminated.

Unsupported languages

Google adsense does not support all the languages. According to Shoud me loud you can be approved using an unsupported language BUT if you use one of their supported languages as your primary language. Example is using swahili on a topic but your writing primary language is English.

These are just but a few languages adsense supports:

  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Thai
  • Chinese ( traditional )
  • Korean

You can see the full list of Languages Adsense supports. Make sure you don’t use a language that is not on the list because you may not be approved or banned from their platform.

Content scrapping


Scrapping content is copying content from other publishers and pasting them on your site without editing to make them meaningful. In the first instance you should write your own contents and not copy pasting.

Scrapping of contents includes:

Publishers who copy and rewrite articles from other blogs without adding any original content or value.


Always remember to use organic traffic, organic traffic comes from social media handles. Sponsoring your content is not paid traffic, even using tweeter and Admob all this are not paid traffic.

Use Facebook groups and pages and any other legal source of traffic but DO NOT use paid traffic.

Don’t hide your ad behind images

Yes making yourself a genius and hiding your ad code behind an image is offence. This is tricking your visitors to clicking images that are ads. Its so easy to do this but always prepare for a shocking consequences.

Though AdSense allows you to modify your ads’ appearance to go alone with your post, it does not allow decisive hiding codes behind images.

Creating pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses.

Things like download here, install free apps hence they are not legal and are malware, this might lead to the termination of you account.

There are also some are also some advertisement companies who give you such kind of adverts, please be aware and try to avoid them. Because your site might be blacklisted, or declared insecure by Google’s safe user browsing team.

Copyrighted contents ( counterfeit products )

This is publishing music, videos and files that you don’t have the licence to publish them. Copyrighted materials are materials which have licence and you must credit or ask for permission from their respective owners to use them.

Also images downloaded randomly from all the search engines might be an infringement of  webmaster’s quality guidelines.

Having no or little content

You must have at least 30 and above pages in your site to apply for AdSense. Do not auto generate content because this is against their policy. Try to work on your own work to give you the best they deserve by visiting you site.

Write your own rich and unique content and you will be on a safer side.

Other third party programs

There are so many other third advertisement programs that do not go along with AdSense. Especially pop-ups and pop-unders which interfere with user experience. Try to research other ads that maybe used along with AdSense for your safety.

Hacking tutorials

Do not publish contents that include tutorials for hacking anything, may it be banks’ websites, social media accounts and much more.

Linking to inappropriate sites

AdSense does not require you to be linking to inappropriate sites that does not publish appropriate contents. This are sites that publish contents such as adult movies and much more. Or don’t involve yourself in writing such contents.

These are sites you should not be linking to or link back to you:

  • Adult material
  • Violent contents
  • Racial discrimination
  • Hacking
  • Gambling sites
  • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol

Manipulating Ad code

This warning goes to programmers who are using AdSense to monetize their sites, never try to change and manipulate the ad code you are given. Though AdSense allows you to change the color and appearance of your ad, kindly do not change the code of your ad. Leave the code they way it was originally.

Comment spamming

A few days ago on their webmasters guidelines I came across this new guideline that you should be keen on people commenting in your articles. There are people who use softwares to post harmful links to your comment box.

This links may link to harmful sites or pornographic sites which is against AdSense program policy. Use captcha and re-captcha methods to keep spammers away. Or you can include a login feature where users have to login before submitting a comment. They can use Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platform to prove they are not robots.

You can as well enable comment moderation where every submitted comment is moderated by you before it is published to other comments. Akismet too is a plugin from WordPress that can also help you filter spam comments. Try to install and use it.

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