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Best Advertising Networks To Monetize Your Site.

Every blogger whether a full-time or a part-time blogger expect that their blog investments gives back a return. Not unless you are a hobbyist blogger writing about your life and what is interest you. Hobbyist bloggers mostly don’t blog to earn, but they can decide to earn on a later time. Well after saying all this, expect little if you are not using these 5 Best Advertising Companies To Monetize Your Site.

Each company listed here differs from one another from ad formats, mode of approval, CPM rates and cost per impression. Companies here have different policies and am going today to take you on a one on one guide to monetize your site and make higher revenues from it. You should always put in mind that your blog is an investment, be patient and wait for your investment to bear you good fruits.

For better performance of your site you can use one to two companies for displaying ads but you can also use three. The personal advice I can give you from my blogging experience is use one company or two utmost. You can as well keep testing which company and ad units works best for your website.

Don’t greedy kind of a person and want to earn a lot of money once by using 5 of these companies at once. No, most visitors don’t like ads disrupting their experience on your site and may get disgusted and never come back to your site.

In an instance you want to use two companies try to incorporate a pop under company with a banner company ads. Companies like Google AdSense don’t go along with some ad formats, examples are pop ups, pop unders ad formats because AdSense claims these ad formats interfere with user experience on a site.

AdSense too does not allow you to use media advertisement companies that display adult ads; pornographic related ads. If you are using as your secondary option company, you can configure your ads to ‘G’, have a rating to their ads from G, PG and X. Where G are normal ad banners with no porn related materials. The disadvantage with this rating is you earn low revenue. PG includes few or no adult materials but R consists adult related material. In R has the highest revenues.

Use these media advertising companies to monetize your site for highest revenues;


AdSense is a contextual advertising network mainly focusing on  CPC/PPC ads. To my beginners, CPC means Cost per Click, though PPC literally has the same meaning as CPC. PPC means Pay Per Click, you are only paid after a visitor clicks an ad on your site.

As an AdSense publisher, you can earn from 0.05 to 15 dollars per every click depending on the advertiser’s budget. You should put in mind that if an advertiser offers to you pay 1 dollar per click, AdSense pays you about 70 to 85 percent of the dollar and the rest goes to them. Every ads networks does this as they act as a middle man between you as a publisher and the advertiser. You should work on more on how to increase your traffic to earn more revenue, use

AdSense is the most highest paying advertisements network in the online advertising sectors. But before you are approved, you must strictly follow their Terms And Conditions. See more on points that will guide you for faster AdSense approval.


Before submitting your site for review you must have a Google account to sign. If you don’t have an account with Google, sign up here for AdSense.

It previously took 7 or more days to complete a review of your site. But nowadays it only takes a day to do the same, it’s a bit faster now. So after application wait for one day to get a positive or a negative response. Be prepared for either.

Let me remind you, you should read carefully their TOS and Webmaster guidelines before applying. Because any silly mistake can throw you out of the approval process.

Inserting the code.

After you have applied, in your dashboard, copy the code and insert it between < head >  < /head > on your parent theme. Or you can paste it in any page you want the ads to appear.
Payment methods.

  • Direct bank transfer.

AdSense transfers your revenue direct to your local bank.

  • Rapida

This is a Russian money transfer solutions company that help Russian publishers get their money more easily.

  • Paypal

This is an online worldwide money transfer service company where AdSense use it to channel publisher revenues to their respective accounts.

  • Western union

Your revenue is sent to western union in which you can physically collect from their offices, transfer to your bank or sent to your mobile money service.

  • Checks

A check is sent to you through your postal address, then you can personally collect take it to the bank for money.

Payment period.

AdSense has a 30 day payment period called circle. What does this mean? It means that if you a publisher earned $30 in January, the $30 does not amount to their minimum payout of $100, so you won’t be paid that January, instead your revenue will be carried forward to the next circle which will be February.
Types of ads.

  • Text
  • Images
  • Flash
  • Animated images
  • Links
  • Videos

Minimum payout.

AdSense has a minimum payout of $100. Once your revenue hits this threshold you are eligible to withdraw your funds. And if your revenue is below this threshold in your current circle, your earnings will be carried forward to the next circle.


This is also a very exciting and lenient ads network for beginner publishers who have been disapproved by AdSense.

Propellerads have guidelines but they favor their publishers. This is the best platform to earn quicker and easy money for beginner bloggers.


Propellerads does not require you to submit your site for review. You only need to sign up to their program. You will be given a code to paste into your site’s homepage for tracking purposes. That’s all!
Payment methods.

This ad network has several payment methods which includes;

  • Paypal in US dollars
  • Skrill in EURO
  • Webmoney Z
  • ePayments
  • Payoneer bank transfer

Payment period.

Propellerads have a 30 payment period.
Types of ads.

  • Pop under
  • Interstitial
  • Smart links
  • Push ups
  • Push notifications which their new ad format.

Minimum payout.

Minimum payout threshold is $25.


This is contextual ad network formed by bing and Yahoo. It is another alternative of AdSense. They offer CPC/PPC ads.

Search for, then submit your site’s url for reviewing and leave your email address so as you can be contacted on the progress of your site’s review.
Payment methods.

  • Wire transfer
  • Paypal

Payment period.

Full cycle, net 30 days.

Types of ads.

CPC banners.
Minimum payout.

100 dollars.


Adskeep is a native ads network based in UK. They have the best CPM and pay for every impression you make from your AdSense site. They offer CPC and CPA types of ads.

Adskeeper have a dedicated customer support team or you can personally chat with your account manager through your Adskeeper’s dashboard.

Adskeeper only requires you to place their code on your site after sign up then you will be ready to go.
Payment methods.

They pay through;

  • Paypal
  • Direct bank transfer

Payment period.

Adskeeper pay after every 30 days, a full cycle.
Types of ads.

  • Under article
  • Header
  • Sidebar

Minimum payout.

Their minimum payout is $100.


In Bidvertiser advertisers bid for the space on your site. The advertiser who bids for your site, his advert is displayed on your site.

No site reviewing for Bidvertiser, just place the code into your site and ads start appearing.
Payment methods.

  • Paypal

Payment period.

One month pay circle.
Types of ads.

  • Onclicks
  • Rectangle banners
  • Skyscrapers
  • Leaderboard banners.

Minimum payout.

Their minimum payout is $10.

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