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‘Marry Your Age Young Boy, Diana Marua Is Your Mother,’ Trolls Attack Singer Bahati


Singer Bahati is on hot fire after fans and other internet trolls decided to dig down his age difference and the woman he married.

Bahati and Diana Marua first started as prayer partners and secretly married through low key traditional wedding ceremony held on 20th October last year in Nairobi.

Before they got engaged, Diana Marua had been in a relationship with former KTN anchor Nick Mudimba now a Sport anchor at Bamba, for almost four years.

Diana Marua being a 1988 born woman and Bahati a 1994 born boy, this means that his wife Diana is 6 years old than the singer. Anyway age doesn’t matter. Though there are rumours that Diana Marua has children that are hidden from the public.

But for the singer we all know he had a daughter before he was married to his current love flame. Both Marua and Singer Bahati have a beautiful daughter Heaven Bahati.

According to them (trolls) they believe Diana is older than Bahati because she is not maintaining herself since giving birth to baby Heaven. Diana Marua is developing a pot belly.

These are some of the hilarious comments from their fans:

Missi K. Anthony
Nothing wrong with Diana, Bahati is the one who looks ridiculously scruffy and tiny. Diana can do better

Lavender Mwangi
Hutu tuchali twa miili midogo hatunanga dick and with her siz I wonder how they do it

Ivy Simon
Bahati aliuma ugali kubwa kuliko mdomo yake

Irene Masulyah
Pia Diana murua ajui kucontrol baby fat….tumbo iko fwaa kama mwananchiw kawaida

Jane Smithy
wako poa lakini hawa much nasi kwa umbaya

Adelmo Agueda
Nikiona hivi nakumbuka #being_Bahati Diana alisema baha hajui sex…

Essie Samoa David
Sasa iyo trao ya baha ata kama ametoka ngetoh haileti bidii

Jackson Odhiambo
The lady alitamani tu! kuwa celeb… but they don’t rhyme. The lady is too old for Bahati, I pitty Bahati aki!!!

Roby Bresh
Who seduced who here?

Velly Velly
Even siz wa Diana mwenyewe alisema she’s waay mature for the guy yawa bt mi namwelewa Baha…when u grow up with a single parent or none at ol, u tend to fall for guys way older than u…


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