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Tricks To Get Free Organic Traffic To Your Website

Traffic is what keeps a website live and functioning. Without traffic there will there is no need for building, investing and setting sites, beginners; traffic is a term used in blogging referring to visitors or readers visiting your site each day. will be taking you through simple tricks to increase traffic to your website.

Since traffic is the key factor to a site, you should try the best you can to make visitors come back. Furthermore, even create ways to make readers have confidence in you so as to share your content to other readers.

The most important point to note is that, the higher the traffic the higher the revenue. Let me give you an example; an advertiser from Google AdSense opts to pay 0.05 – 15 dollars for every click a visitor makes in every site his advertisement was displayed. So you getting 200 traffic every day, let me be precised, the advertiser pays 0.05 per click. My calculations gives me; 200 x 0.05= 10 dollars per day. If u take 10 x 30days you will be earning 300 per month which is rare, this is just an approximation. Many advertisers pay less than this.

Let’s compare the same paid per click amount on a site receiving 100,000 taffic per day, 100,000 x 0.05 = 5,000 per day, per month this publisher earn 150,000 dollars. Isn’t this a six figure salary? You should not note that not all the visitors clicks on ads.

These are the simplest tricks to win traffic to your site:

Write accurate and quality content.

Havings articles which your visitors can rely daily on is always a thumbs up. If you decided to write news articles, let them be accurate, current and try to be at the scene.

Have first hand info for your readers. This increases the confidence of your readers. Sites like Nation, SDE, Standardnews, daily post and daily mail deliver fresh, unique, accurate articles to their visitors.

If you are a blogger blogging on how to help beginner make it in the platform. Write articles related to the field that could help these bloggers solve there problems.

Give every visitor a reason to come back for your articles and also share your interesting articles to their close friends.

Sponsor your posts on Facebook.

This is the most effective way of getting traffic, and it is not a “paid traffic.” This is organic traffic, sometimes when applying for Google AdSense they require organic traffic. Actually not sometimes, this is one of their rules and requirements for you to be accepted. ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

Facebook offers cheaper packages for you to boost your posts. For example,  in Kenya the lowest price stands at Kes 101.1 which is more affordable. For only kes 101.1 you can boost your post to reach 800 – 2k people. You are also given options to choose your target audience; you can choose 3 or more different countries. The ages of people the ad to be displayed.

Because blogging is an investment, put more money on boosting your posts as most traffics to beginner bloggers comes from Facebook.

Create a Facebook page.

Well, creating a Facebook page is always a greater idea. Most people will be visiting the page, or since they are following your page your posts which will be including links will be appearing in their news feed.

A good blogger who has greater Facebook page with more than 35 million likes and followers is called Sarcasm. Having such kind of a following people can easily click your links which leads them to your website, and that’s traffic.

When you have a Facebook page you can easily embed it on your site to get more page likes and following. Visitors can visit your page without leaving your site. You can read one of my posts on How To Add Facebook Page Plugin To Your Website. The post gives you an easy guide on how to do the process more easily.

Having a page is also an advantage because you can boost posts only from page not your timeline.

Share your posts on Facebook groups.

You can create your own group or use other people’s group to post your links so people can click on. This is absolutely free not unless an admin requires a little pay to approve your post in their groups.

There are groups with more than 500 – 1million people. This maybe a good chance and channel to let your site known. Groups like Sarcasm, Gikomba market, Kilimani mum and dads, Zambian eye and Machakos county forum.

This groups are free to join and free to post, they don’t require an admin to approve your posts. Go get your traffic from here.

Boost your post on twitter.

You can as well use twitter ads to reach your audience. Twitter does not require any page, you can promote your ad straight from your dashboard.

They are cheaper and hope you can find time to sign up for twitter and promote your content.

Advertise on AdSense.

This is another good platform you can count on. Using Google AdSense, you are only charged after your advert has clicked. This program is way better because Google is protecting the interests of it’s publisher. There will be no invalid clicks or fake traffic.

You can use any amount per day, as little as 2 dollars. And choose the amount a click by a visitor will cost you.

Facebook ads and AdSense are the most common used advertisement platforms right now so far.

Use other higher blogs.

Guest writing is also another great idea of driving to your blog.

What is guest writing? Well, guest writing is writing articles for other higher websites and putting links of  your site in this articles, so as when their readers read your articles they can click these links and land on your site.

Using higher blogs, you can ask them to put banners in various parts of their blogs so that their visitors can easily notice your site’s ads.

Post comments on other blogs.

Commenting on blogs that receive a large number of traffic is also a good thing. Many people go through comments on a blogsite that others has commented.

Comment and try to leave a link to your site. Though some sites use plugins to filter comments that look like spam, post comments that don’t look like spam, include small links tjat won’t be filtered.


Giving your readers the opportunity to subscribe may also increase the traffic of your website everyday.

When a reader subscribes to your email list, they opt to receive every fresh article you write in their email inboxes everyday.

You can use plugins or programs as mail chimp to make your works more easier. They have the pop up feature box that attracts the attention of your visitors hence prompting them to subscribe a lot more easier.

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