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Machachari’s Mama Baha Posts Photo With A White Discharge Draining From Her Nunu


Mama Baha whose real names are Wanjiku Mburu and goes by an acting name Everlyne is in trouble after posting first a nasty picture on Instagram exposing her all African thighs and second a white discharge is seen draining between her thighs.

Mama Baha

This did not go well with her fans both on Instagram and Facebook. Most of her Instagram fans terming the action as silly as she is almost going nude. One user referred the situation to that of comedian Eric Omondi who went totally naked and started swimming with younger children on a certain river in Turkana county.

Other team mafisi male fans were not left behind as they were asking just to touch the ‘tip’.

The Actress In A Make Up Session

The evidence of the photo with the white discharge draining from her coockie jar is that the actress had widely opened her mouth wide many thought she was from an awful act.

Wanjiku’s female fans came to her rescue saying that that was part of the blouse she was wearing on the photoshoot day. can not verify if true that is a white discharge or it is part of her blouse. The task is left for you the reader to make a judgement and conclusion on what exactly is the white substance between her thighs.

White Discharge From Her Nunu

Check out some of the reactions from Instagram;

@wellawellah: Apart from macha can do well in porn industry…thys inashika kushika

@veronicawaceke: A real woman. Beautiful, conservative when she wants to, sexy when she wants, bold, kind, hardworking and most of all God fearing. Lovely pic girl

@maishgithinji: Wao. Am a fan but to be sincere this photo ain’t good at all. First exposing the African thighs which we all know are irresistible and them opening your mouth as if u were saying something nasty or making a Cummings sound… You have left it all to our judgement and explanations so let us describe it to our level best….

@dozluciana: Jesus! What’s happening to this woman? Not good at all

@kkpetgra: You’re heading Eric Omodi’s way. Protect your image at all cost for the sake of our young girls.

@allan.gk94: What’s the white stuff between your thighs????.Looking good anyway

@sam_wa_kansoul: Now u got lost, at ua age? Surely?

@kwamboka_anne: If you wore a dress that was 7 ft tall people would have said it is too much. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Do what you want girl. It is your LIFE. If someone wants to dress up a pair of thighs kila mtu ako na there are waaay worse pictures than this on Istagram. Trolls will always be trolls.

@widdywisdom: In the televised programme you really portray to be the wife any man wants to have. Buy your real life seems total


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