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“Ladies How Do You Ride A Guy Who Is Fat?” Curious Kilimani Mum Asks


When it comes to matters sex no one is ever ashamed of asking how it goes and what exactly to do if the partner is disadvantaged in one way or the other. Sometimes the problem mat arise from either the man or the women.

A curious Kilimani mum asked a difficult question on how to ride a man either affected by obesity or normal fats. This is her confession,

“Ladies how do you ride a guy who is fat? Aki vile mimi hupanuliwa miguu wide apart hata kutingiza kiuno ni shid na anashinda tu amesema, ‘zungusha, tingisha’ hata siezi enda up and down coz siezi shikilia chini … Inabidi nimesukuma kitambi na mkono for hand support, bado anapumua ni kama anapupu.. Saa hizo nastruggle kamjulus kafikie ikus … Woi … Help a sister priiiss coz nataka kuenjoy pia.

So how do you exactly go on this one? First as a lady or a man, you need to know the weakness of your partner. Everyone is different in terms of size, shape, weight, height and most importantly the sizes of your working tools (wideness and tightness of the female partner, length and girth of the male partner) matters.

In this scenario there are two things involved, excess weight and the length of the partner. If your partner is a bit excessive in weight, you need to try these sex styles to mutually enjoy your sex life. The one very big style that most people prefer but it is a mistake is the missionary sex style. The style does not only involve exerting lots of weight to the partner below but also offers minimal penetration.


Though this style is a bit harder, it involves the female partner laying on her sides facing frontwards, then bends a little bit to allow easier penetration. The male counterpart penetrates from behind as he also lays on his side. This allows the lady to either move up and down for greater pleasure.

Also the man can place his legs on the walls to give him stability and stamina.

Reverse cow girl or lend a hand or the bounce

Reverse cow girl is similar to lend a hand and involves the man slightly lying down on a 45 degrees angle. The lady sits on top of you facing the opposite site and the man penetrates from back, romps from down to top while the lady controls the penetration to her satisfaction.

Doggy style

Doggy style is a bit self explanatory, the female bends on either a chair, table or touching the floor. If the man has a little protruding stomach, he can lean the stomach on the lady’s butts while performing. Since it is believed that ‘fat boys’ tend having small tools, this sex position is crucial since there is deeper penetration especially when the tool is a bit shorter.

Tall boys should not do this often because some women feel uncomfortable since there is always a deeper penetration. The deeper penetration can lead the tall boy all the way to the cervix which can be little painful.

Pillow boosted doggy

This sex position involves the lady sleeping flat on her stomach on a bed. Then put a small pillow under the stomach to raise her back a bit higher. Pillow boosted doggy is ideal since the lady’s behinds raise a little higher hence hence the fundamentals are strategically in an angle for easier penetration. Try this out, this is the most pleasurable sex position so far.

Anal cow girl

The man lays on his back, the woman here does the work. The lady rides you while on top and facing you. This is the ideal sex position since the woman controls how deeper the tool slides inside. Since she is facing, you can use your hands to touch her on other sensitive parts and kissing till both of you reach orgasm.

It is also advisable the lady to control where the man’s tool to rub. While riding, try to make sure the d**k touches the most sensitive and most pleasurable spots in the inside as possible.

Side ways missionary

Side ways missionary is both of you lying on a bed on your sides but facing each other. The lady can hold you tight using her legs on your back for maximum stability while you are penetrating her at an angle of your choice depending with the both your bodies’ size.


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