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Kenyatta National Hospital Causes Death Of Woman Due To Doctor’s Negligence


Kenyatta National Hospital is in the limelight again after another case of death has been reported by one bitter woman who’s mother died in the hospital due to doctors’ negligence on attending to her. The woman in the video below whose mother was hit by a motorcycle and rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment but she was not offered any assistance till her passed away.

The doctors were not willing to help the mother taken to an ICU since she was in a critical condition. She begged a doctor by the name Zawadi but the doctor gave her a deaf ear leaving the mum unattended for almost to two days.

On it’s part, the hospital has come out to defend itself by saying it could have not done much in the case of the mother who could not get a bed in the ICU.

Another doctor by the name Bahati, rudely told woman to take the mother to another hospital and the mother had a fifty fifty chance of living. Leaving her unattended, the woman later succumbed to head injuries.

The lady in the video claims she recorded everything her mother was passing through in the hospital and the rude responses she was given by the doctors. A day later, she was called in the morning only to be shocked that her mother was no more.

She was then taken to a counselor for advice but she made a mistake of telling the counselor that she had recorded every videos and pictures as evidence. Instead of getting help police was called in for an aim of snatching her her phone so as to delete the evidence she had recorded earlier.

Kenyatta Hospital has been in the spot light after it’s doctors performed a brain surgery on a wrong. There were also complains where morgue attenders sexually assaulted mothers who had babies in nurseries in the hospital but the matter has never been settled since the Kenyatta Hospital declined taking responsibility of the matter.

The hospital has been involved in many scandals that people should be thoroughly advised before visiting the hospital. It is rather important using money and taking your patient to a private hospital instead of taking him/her to a death bed in Kenyatta National Hospital.

Watch the sad video:



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