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Kakamega Twins Reunited After 19 Years Of Separation


There was love and happiness in a village in Kakamega county after twin sisters were reunited back together after 19 years of leaving apart.

The sisters started knowing their relationship and existence through a common social media; Facebook.

Rosemary Onyango the mother to the two twins claims she gave birth to two bouncing baby daughters on 15th Aug 1999 but there was a confusion by doctors from then Kakamega district hospital who separated the girls.

The twins Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo believe that they are twins but there is no proof yet that they are one before a DNA test is done.

Though there alleged father claims that a test was done on his blood group and their daughters and the results were the same. Blood group O+ (positive), this is still not a reason enough to conclude that these are biological twins yet.

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