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Jalas And Alex Mwakideu Argue And Exchange Blows Live On Air


Radio presenters Jalas and Mwakideu are the most renowned and among the most highest paid radio presenters in the country.

Jalas who had worked together with Mwakideu at Radio Maisha for four years parted ways and Jalango headed for greener pastures to Hot 96.

A month or two later they both came together and started working at Milele fm. It is believed that Jalango left Hot 96 because they had a disagreement with co-host Jeff Koinange and abused each other live on air.

In this video below, we can also see Jalas and Alex Mwakideu disagreeing on transport matters that resolved around the new implemented Michuki rules.

Jalango is heard saying,” wewe una uongo sana, katika radio and haufai kuwa presenter hapa.” Loosely translated to (You are a liar and you should never be a presenter here)

And Alex is heard telling Jalango that, “I will switch off your microphone.”

Jalas point-blank told him,”zima na ukwende nayo … kwenda huko hakuna kitu unaniambia.”

After the disagreement, Jalango is seen waking up from his sit and went ahead to face Alex Mwakideu who was seated from the other side of the studio.

Watch the video below:


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