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REVEALED: Identity And Photos Of The Lady In The Recent Leaked Imenti House S3x Tape


In the past few weeks, a nasty video surfaced online involving what seemed as couples having a nice time in a clothing store in one of Imenti House’s stall.

The video which many termed it as FAKE, is believed to be downloaded from an oversea p**n website and uploaded to social media by a furious boyfriend to blackmail a certain lady based in Dubai but born in Gatundu, Kenya, who called quits and terminated the relationship with the man.

To many, it is believed that the man in the video was a makanga whose names are still yet unknown and the lady in the same video was the owner of the stall which might be contrary to the Dubai story.

The lady blackmailed and believed to be in the video is Angela Wanjiku Ngigi whose photos are attached below. At Vosena News we could not ascertain or verify if this was a blackmail or she was the actual lady in the video.

“Angela Wanjiku Ngigi and Evanilson Wanyoike had been in a relationship for a while. When Angela decided to end it, it didn’t go very well with Wanyoike who seemed to have a lot of bitterness in him. After the broke up, Wanjiku went to Dubai in search of a job. When Wanyoike heard of the news, he started sending Wanjiku’s friends and relatives messages claiming that she had gone to practise prostitution in the foreign city. In one of the screenshots acquired, Wanyoike is seen telling one of Wanjiku’s friends that she was in Dubai illegally and was being housed by a bunch of Nigerian men in exchange for sex.”

As reported by a blog belonging to Cyprian Nyaundi.

It is believed that Wanyoike started creating pseudo Facebook accounts and using them to upload nude photos of Wanjiku and also posting nasty messages to groups, totally defaming Wanjiku.

Some of the pseudo accounts Wanyoike Created

These are some of Wanjiku’s good and nasty photos we found:

Here is also a photo of evil Wanyoike:


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