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I have struggled so much: Wema Sepetu’s search for a baby

Tanzanian model and actress Wema Sepetu has revealed the reason she had been off social media. Sepetu said that she suffered a miscarriage barely three months ago and was dealing with the sad loss.

Talking to Ijumaa Wikendi, Sepetu said that she has gone through a lot and revealed she would stay up praying and fasting.

’I have struggled so much. I don’t have the words. I have fasted several times and woken up dead in the night to keep vigil and pray.’’

She said that she has decided to love and appreciate other people’s kids and revealed plans to open two shopping stores to sell kids clothes exclusively.

‘’Because I love children and I’m yet to get one, I intend to open two big shops to sell kids clothes which will be named Little Sweetheart and I’m at the final stages.’’She said.

When asked about Diamond and what he means to her, she denied there being any romantic relationship rubbishing claims that the two were back together and more so that the child was his.

’Hakuna lolote ila ni mhskaji wanguambaye tumezoeana sana,’’ said the curvy model. She swore she would never marry Diamond due to his alleged cheating ways.

‘’Yaani Diamond, hata aache kila kitu akaniambia sasa Wema nataka kukuoa sitakubali kabisa. Iliuwa zamani, lakini siyo sasa kwa sababu Nasibu mimekaa naye miaka miwili. Najua alivyo na atanisumbua sana kwa sababu mimi nilimwacha CK kwa ajili yake, matokeo yake akatoka na Meninah msanii was bongo flava and meseji nilizibamba. Kwa hiyo hata kwenye ndoa hawezi kubadilika.’’

Wema was expecting twins with BBA winner Idris Sultan.


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