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“I Don’t Enjoy Sex With My Husband, Kindly Help My Feelings Are Long Gone” Heavily Pregnant Woman Confesses


We men sometimes pass through hell when our beloved ladies get to that bumpy nine months road. I mean where do I get mutura and sugarcane at 2AM?

I was once restricted from bathing and washing my shirts for one week because she wanted to smell the sweat from my shirts. They have mood swings and in any silly provocation you can get a light thundering slap landing on your mere cheeks. Different food cravings and all that.

For this case, there is this woman who has lost all her husband’s feelings due topregnancy. She admits that she does not enjoy sexing with the man. Even if the man sexes her one hour she feels nothing.

Here is the confession the lady made;

“I don’t have feelings for my husband since I became pregnant. I sleep on the mat to avoid him and sometimes in our living.

And today I got some first hand information from my female cousin to whom he complained that he was planning to send me back to my parents so as I can deliver before coming back.”

The distressed woman continued,

“I literally don’t enjoy sex with him, he can dig in there for more than one hour but I won’t feel anything, I once made a mistake of telling him how my ex used to be a bed monster and the way the ex used to satisfy me whenever we sexed.

Kindly what can I do to save my marriage, give me mature advice please,” she concluded.

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