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How To Test Pregnancy At Home

Sometimes it is difficult to go the hospital to test for pregnancy for a reason or two. This is the simplest procedures of how to test pregnancy at home.

These are some of the testing kits you should use while testing for pregnancy. You should choose the one easily available and cheaper as long it serves its purpose:

  • One Step Urine Pregnancy Test Strip.
  • Velocit Pregnancy Kit.
  • Clear View Pregnancy Test Kit.
  • I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit.
  • HCG Pregnancy Test.
  • Pregcolor Test Card.
  • Pregtest Card.
  • Acutest by Cadila.

I will teach you how to test pregnancy using two test kits; HCG Pregnancy Test and Urine Pregnancy Test Strip.

HCG Pregnancy Test.


1. Put urine droplets to the wells of the kit, about 2-3 drops.
2. Place the test strip flat and wait for the red band to appear.
3. Observations were made within 3 and 5 minutes;

  • One bar was normal.
  • Two bars were pregnant.
  • The result was invalid after five minutes.

One Step Urine Pregnancy Test Strip.


1. Have few amount of urine in a small container.

2. Gently dip the test trip into the urine and make sure you don’t dip it pass the MAX line.

3. Place the kit on a flat surface.

4. Observations were made within 3 and 7 minutes;

  • One bar near the MAX line was negative.
  • Two bars were pregnant.
  • One bar away the MAX line was invalid.


  • Instant and faster results.


  • Can’t tell exact months, weeks and days of pregnancy. Visit a specialist for exact period.

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