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How To Remove A Hard Disk Drive Password

Have you ever or someone else put a hard disk drive password on your computer and wondered how to remove it? Well this how to remove a hard disk drive password.

  1. You should first shutdown your PC.
  2. Then power on your computer, while it displays the logo of the computer quickly press F2 button for Setup options.
  3. Since the mouse does not work here, use the forward arrow key to navigate, scroll forward to Security.
  4. On security, scroll down to Set HDD password.
  5. Enter your previous password, then press enter button.
  6. Leave the Enter new password and Confirm Password part blank then press the enter button.
  7. Use again the forward arrow key to scroll to exit, then use the downward arrow key to scroll to  Save changes.
  8. After saving your changes, press the Esc to start windows.

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