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How To Login On Facebook After Your Account Is Hacked


Facebook is the most largest social media so far on the planet, this is a public utility that engages users to the others through messaging and sending friend requests to make friends. A thing that started as a Harvard college thing is now all over the world for everyone.

But as Facebook continues to grow, it is improving some major services to its users. An example is data sharing to third parties or individual developers since the Cambridge Analytica saga.

Another feature they are really working on is about fake news. Links that look spammish will be blocked from reaching other users news feed or even domains banned forever, this will be done by using a new algorithms technology.

If you are a publisher and don’t know whether your site is banned or not click this tool, when you reach on Facebook’s developers page, enter your URL then hit debug. It will show you how your posts look like when shared on Facebook and if the domain is banned on Facebook or not.

To avoid the spread of fake news, Facebook is limiting how people share content to groups  or any other place on the site. For instance if you share the same link of a website three times within a span of two hours within the site, is either you will be logged out of your account and you will be told your account is involved in suspicious activity. Even when you share total mature content or porn related content you will be logout out and demanded to confirm your identity back on the site.

What happens when you are logged out due to suspicious activity and you don’t wanna loose that account? The people your friends, messages and all that??

Well this are some of the ways you can log in back and access your precious account:

1. Confirming the photos of your friends

Facebook assumes that the owner of the account knows and easily can identify the faces of his or her friends. You will be given a chance to correctly identify five friends of yours.

This now comes as a precaution, do not accept every friend request sent to you or send friend requests to people you don’t know.

In this section, you will be given four different faces but one marked from the rest and you are also provided with names to match the marked face. You are provided to give the names correctly for five of your friends, failure your account will still remain closed.

2. Provide your actual photo

After you fail recognizing your friends’ faces, you are also provided with this option.

You are required to upload a photo specifically a selfie of your own. To people who use pseudos or use those Tupac, Rihanna or Lil wayne photos as their profile pics you are not lucky here.

The photo you are uploading to Facebook should be clear enough, your ears, mouth, nose and eyes visible. Buddy if you are having Arnold Schwarzenegger’s picture on your profile you better think of changing it soonest.

A colored Facebook image

3. PIN confirmation

When registering to Facebook always remember to submit your personal working phone number or an email for security purposes.

Because Facebook will want to send a secret pin to your number, then enter the secret pin to your account to confirm it’s truly you.

This process is also done in a case where you suspect your account is hacked and is sending or sharing nasty stuffs to your friends or groups.

4. Two-factor authentication

In two-factor authentication, Facebook will send you a unique code through sms or the app you are using incase they suspect unusual logins or when you are logged out.

If you want to set thisup feature, open your Facebook app go to Account setting» security and login» then turn on use two-factor authentication.

5. Trusted contacts

Here, you need to choose 3 to 5 contacts you trust to send you the codes so as to open your account incase you are having trouble to log back to your account. Remember, this feature works when you set it on before you are accidentally logged out.

Your contacts should make sure it’s you before giving you the security codes. You will need to enter the code from your trusted contacts, and you will be able to access your account.



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