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How To Get Rid Of Pimples Using Aloe Vera

Having pimples is a normal thing especially if someone is at adolescence stage. At this age the body is growing and changing from childhood to adulthood.

Pimples are caused by excess fats in the body and in some instances is caused by toxic substances removed from the body.

This simple trick worked personally on me.

Here is a simple and most effective way of getting rid of pimples no matter how old you are:

  • Boil warm water and pour it in a clean basic.
  • Wash your face with the warm water using any soap with your bare hands.
  • Then take a face towel, deep it inside the warm water and put some soap on the towel when it is still soaked with water.
  • Gently scrub your face over and over again (3-4 times). Till we have clean pores.
  • Rinse the face with clean warm water.
  • Take your Aloe Vera plant (when I say aloe vera I mean raw aloe vera straight from the farm, not processed aloe vera).
  • Squeeze the aloe vera water to your hands.
  • Apply the squeezed aloe water to the clean face thoroughly.
  • It will be a little painful when aloe water enters into the pores.
  • Perform the process twice a day (morning and evening). Or once after taking a shower for a week.


NOTE: When applying aloe vera water,, close your mouth because it is too bitter.


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