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‘Hizo Viatu Pia Ni Za Mwenye Gari?’ Fans Make Fun Of Rapper Khaligraph Jones After Flaunting Borrowed Rolls Royce Car

Rapper Khaligraph Jones is “nursing injuries” after receiving online “slaps” from some of his fans after posting a photo standing infront of a new expensive blue Rolls Royce car and captioning the photo;

“Thank You Jesus, the Beast is here, NAIROBI sasa Ni Kutesa Kutesa, Mtajua Hamjui buda , Ngori Juu ya Ngori gathee “,???????????? #kobikiharachallenge #respecttheogs.”

All was well till one observer closely identified that the car’s registration number plate is from Saudi Arabia.

In this century, many celebrities are leaving a fake or a life that they can’t afford at all, thanks to photoshop. With photoshop softwares, you can simply photoshop yourself on an Emirates business class flight to Las Vegas, infront of a Lamborghini Mussolini and much more. That’s exactly what the OG did.

What most of his fans didn’t realized is that the rapper hashtaged the photo as KobiKiharachallenge. Well for those who don’t know who Kobi Kihara is, she is a Kenyan celebrity based in USA who lives on a total fake life. She borrows pictures before posting them on her social media accounts lying to her fans the luxurious stuffs are hers.

Kobi has deleted all her social media accounts due to online trolls trolling her and the shame she couldn’t bare.

Well, this is the photo Khaligraph Jones posted on his IG account;

And these are some of the comments from his fans;

qshem ulikua saudi arabia lini OG?

  • khaligrapgh_jones @qshem haha Last year

iman1408 Watu hawajanyita ni kobi kihara challenge ??!lakini Omollo mimi nakutakia mema siku itafika tu…

  • khaligraph_jones @iman1408 haha Wasee wanajua Chuma imeingia ??

laguzzi_eric Hizo viatu pia ni za mwenye gari?

frankuttt Saudi Arabia number plate you’re fooling yourself

kagz_jnr Jamaa acha maringo mingi na hauna talanta ngoma zako hubore sana

wicklife_okumu Very good am proud of you O.G Good bless you but Gari ok en investment owadwa

wanjau1 Why did you mot drive one here in the US?? You know you cant afford that shit out here and no one gives a fuck about your base model RR @khaligraph_jones

_r._o._b_a Weeeuuwe hizo ni chocha!! Lakini mazishi ni ile ile..ngori gathee

egide_sen OG!is our crack deal in here. It’s far but here your phenomenal tones:) more hits ♣️♠️♥️♦️???

chuckdelly @khaligraph_jones the hashtag is so unfair to one happy soul @kobikihara . Come on she doesn’t deserve this. Even you! She’s a celebrity just like you. The last thing I expected from you was trolling her son well. You’ve been on the receiving end and you know how it feels. Delete that hash tag please. Let Kobi be.


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