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Here Are The Five Shocking Reasons Why Nairobi Women Don’t Wear Panties!!!


The sweat at the private part region related with tight pants create an unpleasant odor when mixed with the natural smell generated at that region and other body parts and this at times is an embarrassment to them. (women)

Some women easily generate sexual (vaginal) fluid at the slightest touch by a man (especially when hugged by a man , pecked or any sensitive touch that is sexually arousing) .This fluid always give a very bad smell when dried on a pant. The production of this fluid is also increased by the tight contact of the vagina by the pant.


Some women are basically prostitutes who see panties as a factor limiting the effectiveness of their businesses. It is quite tiresome to pull down your panty every time a customer comes your way so they have decided to do without it. A prostitute, by this I don’t mean a commercial sex worker but all the women who are obsessed by the act of having sex , be it with their husbands, boyfriends or sex clients.

Some women are bullies and want to torture men by their nakedness. It is surprising that most of these women who wear no pants don’t hide it. They expose it to men when they have that chance of doing it.. . Their main intention is to psychologically induce a feeling of sexual urge in men and enjoy as they undergo this experience. For example ,the cheapest female panty at Mama Mary’s stall at Oile market in Kisumu is Ksh 120 and this translates to someone’s daily income, hence seeing a panty as a luxury.

Some women don’t wear parts because other don’t wear. They think it is a trending fashion and don’t want to be left out.

They don’t know its meaning and neither have they bothered to ask what it means


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