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Helping Someone Suffering From Lipothymia (Fainting)


Lipothymia or rather fainting occurs when momentarily the blood supply to the brain is totally not sufficient. This limits oxygen circulation to the brain.

The main causes of fainting maybe:

  • Low blood sugar
  • Dehydration
  • Heart problems
  • Standing up abruptly too fast
  • Anguish

How to administer first aid:

  1. Keep the patient calm and comfortable by loosening their clothing and maybe seeking the help of a practitioner.
  2. To restore cerebral circulation, the lower limbs are elevated or the head is placed lower that the heart.
  3. Check if the patient is breathing or if something is blocking their airways.
  4. If the face becomes red, you can slightly raise the head and shoulders.
  5. If the patient stops breathing in any case, artificial respiration should be applied.

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